• R. Rene' Woodard

Raise it up!

Ladies, how y’all doing, fellas y’all alright???

Happy Monday Folks!!

I hope each of you had a great weekend despite our continued stay home orders! It brought such a smile to my face as I scrolled down my timelines, so many children and families in their annual Easter garments rather inside the house or out in the yard. It further confirmed that we still had the power to enjoy life and create memories no matter what. We are such a resilient world of people.

My weekend was full of those same wonderful moments being created, rather it was sharing in a video call with my mom or a zoom toast with my DMV family and I cannot forget the most epic virtual church hop on Easter Sunday with my sister who resides in a different state. I got dressed, put on a nice lipstick as I normally would, and it felt amazing. Honestly, these moments of human interaction and shared activities even virtually have kept this quarantine interesting, fun and not as lonely as one may think for a person who lives alone. It felt like a Sunday, I cooked and after the 4th service I needed a quick nap. Don’t act like you all don’t know about the after-church nap, lol.

Growing up with Granny Willie Lou, it was necessary!

There were several common themes across the various teachings from the services I attended yesterday. But the part that stuck out to me was Jesus perspective before death. He basically told the Mary’s and the people look they got me, they are about to try and take me out, but I’ll be back. Nobody believed him. All they knew is he was about to face his demise and be hung to die. So follow me here, like on Boys in the hood when little Chris said “ Y’all wanna see a dead body” ( don't judge this is my translation) The Mary’s went to the place Jesus had died and to their surprise there was an angel there and he said : “Do not be afraid, for I know that you seek Jesus who was crucified. “He is not here, for he has risen, as he said.” ( See Matthew 28: 1-10 NLT) I was tickled when I read that again because the angel basically said: He ain’t here , he got up just like he said he would” I imagine this angel looking at them like “ He said what he said, PERIOD”. This blessed me because Jesus was firm in what he knew and what he said. It’s more of them than me... so yes, I’m going to feel some pain, there will even be some scars and bruises to reflect what I been through, but It won’t keep down at all and it won't keep me from fulfilling my purpose.

This thing put so much more perspective on personal resurrection for me… To the point I had to do a self-assessment and ask myself, what inside of me needs to be raised from the dead. What have I let die in my personal life all because it looked bigger than me…or what has Rona forced to look unattainable, painful or forced to be placed on the back burner making you forget what you know in your heart was placed inside of you to do.

I want to encourage you this week to RAISE IT UP! Resurrect those things that look like they have been lost or forgotten about because of what it looks like with the natural eye. Don’t forget what he (GOD) said about you too , his promises and use that same power to remind yourself of what YOU SAID! What promise did you make yourself for 2020? Was it to Finish? Was it to be consistent? Whatever area of life that you feel needs a resurrection use this time to raise it UP! We have been given superpowers because we too are his descendants, so you have what you need. We continue to prove that we know how to do a lot with a little, so I urge you this week to be inspired to RISE and RAISE IT UP! Make noise this week friends! The world is waiting on YOU, so say what you mean and MEAN what you SAY!

We are in this together!

Love ya, R-

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