• R. Rene' Woodard

Pay attention..

Greetings Peeps!!

I am hopeful that each of you had a great weekend nestled up with family and loved ones at home. It is April 20th, 2020 and time is passing by at rapid speed. My weekend was full of REST and I mean real rest unfortunately, not necessarily by choice. After a jammed packed week of interviews, podcasts, digital programming and meetings I found myself feeling ill on Friday evening. Honestly, the worst I have felt in many of years. I immediately contributed it to my vertigo or PTC and just moved along with my regular medication and rest. As I began to rest, I realized that my head and body began to feel worse …so I decided like the Clinician I am to start a log and get some vitals on myself checking temperatures, pulse and ultimately my blood pressure. To my surprise it was the lowest I had personally ever seen it. For the sake of getting too deep it was at 100/20 essentially dropping much lower within a short time frame …. I phoned a few friends in the area, set up a virtual physician appointment for Saturday. The night was rough… I was weak, I was dehydrated, my head and neck pain were through the roof. After some prayer and a few pain pills I was able to get some rest. When I awakened the next day, I was still a bit dizzy and by the time I had my appointment my pressure was back at a normal reading. What happened? What caused this? Was it something you ate? How has your life changed this week? What sticks out? These are the types of questions I was forced to answer and honestly, I was glad I did. I had to retract every step, everything I put in my body, everything I took, how much sleep I had and who I had been around. It was an extensive reflection of my week. At first glance, what I heard from myself was normal, I had been eating better, exercising the whole nine. But as I reflected, I realized this did NOT just happen overnight. It was headed that way with the lack of sleep, continuing to eat 1 good meal but not hydrating as much as I thought I was throughout the day, No rest , bones achy , abnormal headaches weeks prior and my body finally said STOP. In this moment I realized that the time off from quarantine is EXPOSING us all to things that have been happening even before this pandemic hit. It has forced us all to take a hard look at our moves, our investments, our bodies, our daily habits, children, friends, food, you name it!

So, I have one question today, are you paying attention?? Are you listening and paying attention to the nonverbal signs and calls for help, for rest, for understanding for more from YOU or others around you??? I know, I know it’s hard to concern yourself with someone else with so much happening right now. I get it …but what if I told you that your well-being was tied to something or someone else being well or doing well?? What would you say then? Would you be more inclined to listen to your body when it sends you a signal? or your mind or heart when it says don't do that? I shared the same concept with a friend earlier today who was experiencing a crazy financial emergency that was tied to his response or lack thereof to a letter received years ago. So here he sits today, wanting to be mad at the world and fighting tears of an unfortunate financial loss on top of a layoff due to the virus. Asking himself why me? How did this happen? What did I eat/digest/allow in previous days or years in this case that are heavily impacting what’s happening to me/us/them today? Like my illness it exposed a weakness , an area of major concern that essentially threw a red flag his way long ago but he did not pay attention so he’s now paying for it. As we discussed his situation and my weekend head on collision with illness we both now realized that we have to PAY closer attention to the signs, the notices, the flags thrown in on the plays and respond promptly if we want to have a more positive result in the future be it during the pandemic or beyond. I urge you this week to pay attention to your body, signals, children, spouses and the beware notices flying around you and within you. Do yourself a favor and respond promptly in order to stop things from getting too far out of hand but most of all I urge you to simply PAY ATTENTION it can save your life!

Love you all with my whole-heart!

R. Rene’

Ps. I had all intentions on writing a fun blog called Walk-It out, but I guess someone else needed to hear this today! #testimony 😊 I’ll drop the bonus track Wednesday, Keep an eye out!

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