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My Plate is Full....

What’s up family!

It’s September, can you believe it? As much as I want it to slow down, I remain full of gratitude to be able to see each day as rapid as they come and go! As I reflected on August over the weekend and all the life lived, I wondered to myself are other people experiencing life on this level too? Like hot days, cold days, good days, bad days, full days, slow days and all the moving parts? Do you ever get overwhelmed? Scared? Anxious? Or do you have days where there are no words to even describe the crazy that has taken place? Like How GOD? How? If your answer was YES, just know you are not alone because I have them often in my own unique way. Some days I know everything and other days I KNOW absolutely nothing at all! Lol 😊 Both days I know that the emotion is temporary and the eventually all things will reach its flow.

As we approach this new month, I would like to encourage the anxious, scared, nervous, unsure, indifferent, and overwhelmed to Breathe and take a moment to WOOSAH. Many of your plates are FULL because you asked for it (message) and then there are some of you, who did NOT ask for it, but GOD knew you were EQUIPPED for it so here we are. We must acknowledge that the way your plate is set is dependent on some key factors, it’s either a plate you made yourself or a plate that was made for you.

My pallet has changed over the years so some days I eat meat and some days I juice but every day I EAT. When I make the plate, I get to choose but when the plate is made for me I have to choose what I eat off the plate or even be forced to the days of my young when I could not leave the table until my plate was clean rather I liked it or not. That is the same energy, perspective that we must view the heaviness of days that come our way. I used to wonder “WHY ME” alongside that “HOW GOD” but my posture has changed when things hit my plate unexpectedly. I take the good with the bad and I do what is needed in real time. Is it easy NO, do I like it NO, do I get through it and overcome the moments YES and so can YOU!!

As you navigate this full life, we get the opportunity to live this week, I encourage you to:

1. Remember that you are set apart for a reason and if your goal was to ensure you never go hungry your plate will always be full, but you don’t have to EAT it all in one setting! (Don’t bite off more than you can chew – check your capacity)

2. When the plate is too HOT give its time to cool down and then approach it when it can be easily digested. Don’t risk hurting yourself just because you are hungry, give it a minute. (Make no hasty decisions because you feel pressured to finish quickly, don’t lash out on others, respond well, and breathe through the moments of life even if they come at you fast)

3. Sharing your plate is allowed!! Share your meal, (load) with others when you can. I have not had Applebee’s or Friday’s in quite some time, but I do know they use to have a two for twenty which means we can both eat for the price of one. (You don’t have to go at this thing alone) Build community, sisterhood, brotherhood, just like I shared today we all have same experiences even at various times and seasons, but nobody is exempt and guess what sharing your plate cuts the calories and gives someone else an opportunity to EAT too, don’t let that go over your head!! )

May you have what you need this week.

May your life continue to prove that GOD is good.

May your full plate be covered in goodness, grace, help, support, and portions that can be easily consumed in its appropriate time!


Have a wonderful week!

Let’s EAT! (Elevate ALL THE TIME)

In sisterhood,

R. Rene’ xoxo


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