• R. Rene' Woodard

I'm Proud of You ...

Good people!!

Top of the morning to you! I pray that your weekend was good and restful! I decided to use my insomnia for good today and go ahead and knock this blog out early just in case the day gets away from me. Unlike many other bloggers and storytellers, I tend to right my weekly shares in real time rather than schedule planned content. Not sure it will always be this way but for now it works for me.

As I reflected on my weekend activities, I realized just how much things have changed in such a short time. The full stay at home order started in DMV area the week of March 16th. My last full outing with friends was on March 15th. We celebrated a birthday and engagement. We danced, we sang, we laughed. It was a beautiful affair. Now fast forward roughly 40 days later, I am celebrating birthdays and anniversaries via Zoom and doing drive by caravans. This is different, it’s not ideal but by any means necessary we connect and make the best of it. That’s when I realized we have all learned a few new skills as of late, some people have learned how to cook for the first time ( no judgement), others how to run outdoors with masks on in warmer climates , we’ve learned the art of social distancing. It has changed the way we shop, where and how we shop, our ability to help or be close to family and friends and I can’t forget about those of you who have become pre-school teachers, nannies, housekeepers, stay at home parents and more. While many would likely focus on the challenges that come along with doing all of these uncomfortable, unknown skills, I see something different..... I see strength, power and the fact that you did not just learn and adapt to these new skills but you (we) did so with no heads up. You did not complete any pre-requisites or take any classes to teach you and prepare you for the position you have been placed in.

Can you do me a favor??? Real quick? Take a moment and be proud of YOURSELF!! Be proud that despite what you feel like, how your hair or beard looks, you are making it. You are killing the game each day you wake up and choose to just live. Each meal you prepare for yourself or your family , each time you teach sight words or do math homework with your children/grandchildren, each time you follow-up on funding or resources or grind out , each move you have made and continue to make is a WIN. It’s a win because some people have chosen to give up and not push through this thing, but you are doing it!

So for all of you who have doubted if you are doing enough , YOU Are ….if anyone appreciates the attempts to cover or provide ( they see you), if you should keep going even though it seems chaotic …yep, you should because every little action means you have chosen to stay in the game despite the obvious. I’m proud of you ….and I mean it. I know who reads these blog entries ….I watch each of you from a distance…and some of you I hear from on a regular and others not so much but I know it’s not always easy so let this be the answer to that prayer…. The work you put in before COVID will still be relevant and necessary after COVID…..the big plans ….the events….the “new opportunities” many will be waiting on YOU when this is over…… mark my word because that’s how much I believe it for YOU!

Make this week great on purpose, create some balance where necessary …. reclaim time as needed but whatever you do keep moving!! You matter!

Love ya, RR-




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