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Most of you probably have the luxury of being home today in your jammies or getting some much needed errands and house work done that don't include the US postal office or any other federal building for that matter. President's day 2020 is in full swing. Don't yall miss the Obama’s? I know I do!! I guess it was just something about seeing this Black power couple in office with two kids and a dog that resembled our families and the fact that we (yes blacks again) are pretty dope. But let me move on before someone gets political and unsubscribes before the getting this week's goodness.

So much has happened since the last time I shared..... I mean ALOT but I don't have the time and neither do you to hear the whole story so I'll just share this life note instead.

It's a simple truth that I am almost sure we have discussed before but not like in here it goes.... Sometimes in life you will have to go after some stuff SOLO. I mean like truly by yourself... Not the type of go alone where you travel to the destination alone but meet someone there ....I'm talking eat, love, pray x 2 taking the flight with nobody waiting for you at baggage claim and nobody coming at a later time in the day. Just YOU! I don't want you to get this truth confused with isolation because they are very different. This my friends is simply going AT a thing alone. Walk with me, something was placed on YOUR heart to do or execute right.... In most cases the normal act of processing a charge or assignment is to see who can help you with this ....who you can call who may know a little about this or may also be interested to roll through this process with you. It's human nature and the natural was to process, but have you ever thought that just maybe this one time.... You were supposed to tackle the thing alone. See everything is NOT for everybody and once I personally realized this my life changed for the better. Sometimes you can slow down your own growth or independence when you lean in with requirements labeled “support". I want to encourage someone this week to GO ALONE. Don't let your lack of support paralyze you on the journey to beast your goals personally and professionally. Many of you won't start because you don't have a partner, friend or someone to do it with you and if I'm honest it hurts my feelings to see you move like that. The reason it hurts my feelings is because I know in my heart that if you just went by yourself rather than waiting on someone to do it with you, that it would be the difference maker in your life. Do you know how much work gets done when I take some ALONE Time??? I've been in Starbucks today alone since 11 am and my to do list is 80% complete. Some of the things you are waiting for are not on the other side of fear but on the other side of YOU but you can't see it because you always gotta have somebody go with you! You are worth some things being just for YOU! It's not leaving anybody out, it's not selfish, it's just necessary for some of the BIG things you are praying for. I have a friend who takes a vacation every year alone to some really cool places. I remember her sharing her experience and a friend at the table said “I have to go back there with you next year" .... In a very polite but firm manner our friend said " No , this is something I have to do by myself" ...while the other friend was shocked at the response she did not take it personal because she understood, our friends need to do this thing that she does ALONE because what she gets from it was just for her. Your people will understand.

Even in the small things..... Like a new movie, new class, new adventure, new food, new interest or hobby's ok to go alone. I like to think of going alone like the kid who is finally mastering going to the potty and responding to the feeling or need to go. When the child gets confident in their ability and you try to take them to the potty you hear words like " Let me do it", " I got it" , " I can do it myself" , " Let me flush" and if they are feeling real good " stay out there" and parents are now standing outside the door while that child uses everything they have been taught to complete the tasks but they need to do it all alone to both show you that what you taught them worked and to prove to themselves that it is possible to do this by myself. See that same concept has happened with us.... You have been shown the ropes, you have been given the tools and you have the confidence to GO ALONE if you exercise the right to do so!

The season is yours, don't miss your open door opportunity because you need someone to hold your hand. What you are after is YOURS and YOU ARE the only one who can go get it!

Love ya deeply and there's nothing you can do about it!

Make this week great!

R. Rene'

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