• R. Rene' Woodard

Fight For IT!

Greetings Family!!

I hope and pray that this finds you well this Monday afternoon and that you had an amazing weekend! Honestly, it was a very good weekend for me, and I appreciated the time away from the PC surrounded by my quarantine team with much needed laughter and fun as I decompressed from a full work week.

I don’t know about you but has the past few weeks started to feel more and more like the reality of your old life in the office? It was like August began and boom forget the pandemic, forget the kids being home since the spring and let’s hop back into this 2020-2021 school year and offices both in-person and virtually with our old agenda in hand. You know the old agenda, closing out year-end financials and getting ready for this fourth quarter and praying that we are somewhat back to normal by October so we can make that company goal. That’s what many are hearing from leaders, managers and organizations overall. “There’s work to do” …… I have heard it a few times, but most of all I FEEL IT! T This week it felt like anxiety and more uncertainty and I wanted to throw in the towel. Like seriously, like I QUIT. (I did not, but I wanted to)

I am here today to share my heart and a few words of encouragement to those who are OK, but not always OK. For those who are feeling the weight of the pandemic, distant learning, home-schooling, work schedules and more. Through last week’s experience I realize that I will not WIN this personal battle or a lot of other games and goals during this time unless I FIGHT FOR IT. FIGHTING for it does not physically mean you have to grab the gloves and box in a ring but FIGHTING for it means you have to be intentional regarding your moves and your mouth! It means that you won’t always be able to clap back in meetings or snap when your child or people close to you do something that you don’t like or when they bring on more unexpected issues , activities and situations. Fighting for it means stepping outside of your normal way of doing a thing and finding what works for you NOW. What worked before may not be conducive to our new normal! Fighting means finding the peace even when things feel like problems. Consider a time you were backed in a corner with no out in sight and you really felt like you were going to lose. What did you do? Did you forfeit and throw in the towel or did you stand strong , hands up , ideas of survival and strength on deck and approach the hits and swings of life with the idea win , lose or draw I won’t go down without a fight. Do you remember a moment like that? If so, that’s the attitude and strength I encourage you to take into this work week! You have come to far to throw in the towel and despite what it looks like you can still win!

I know I know …. School year just started for your kids and you are already thinking about how this will look from now until May 2021. I know I know your job is in talks about you coming back into the office but the daycare centers will remain closed , I know I know you have been laid off since March and you cannot see a way out. I KNOW, I see you from a distance, I hear it in your voices and in your post. There’s no way you can live like this through the winter …. Well I am here today with a message from your guardian angel as a reminder that you must keep fighting!! One of my favorite Christian songs says, “There will be GLORY , AFTER THIS “ and I truly believe that but we have to stay in the fight in order to see it.

3 Tips to jump-start your FIGHT on days you want to QUIT…

1. Be Honest - Share with family, friends, children, managers and work peers that you are not having a good day. People cannot help what they don’t know, and you are doing yourself and others a disservice when you keep it all inside.

2. Be Present – Harder said than done but essential to your peace. Stop overwhelming yourself with the thought of tomorrow. Today’s to do list is enough and while I know you like to plan ahead the pandemic has taught us that plans change and being prepared is more important. So, prepare for the future but don’t get so caught up in your future plans that you fuel frustration in your present.

3. Be Still – Take a moment to re-group, to re-center yourself. A walk, 5-minutes of stillness in the car, bathroom, in a corner or even at your desk just take a 5. Deep Breaths and Sit in the stillness of that moment in an effort to break up all the moves and noise that resides around you, even the moves in your head!

Be Well Peeps…. Be Well because THIS TOO SHALL PASS!

Love ya,

R. Rene’

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