• R. Rene' Woodard

Expiration Date

Greetings Peeps!!

I pray this message finds each of you well, coming off a short week and a long weekend! I don't know about you but it feels like it's April already ....time slow down just a bit pretty please. The kids in my life are growing up rapidly from diapers to now double digits in age..... and I'm a little in my feelings about it. It's not because they are growing up but because that means I am growing up or older also. While I am glad to be able to see the light of a new day ...sometimes the thought of aging over 30 can seem like bad news if you are not where society thinks you should be or scratch that if you have not accomplished what YOU or your family thinks you should by such an age. It can trigger personal insecurity, self-doubt or force one to get anxious if you are not careful.

I personally had to slow my mind down a bit , I was overwhelmed by my calendar and my personal life deadlines. I took a day and gave myself a mental health break and it was the best thing I could have done. The next day I hit the ground running but this time I was both calm, less anxious and more excited about what I had to offer my unoccupied time instead of what was actually on the calendar. Have you ever looked at your calendar and immediately felt sick? Not because the things on the calendar were bad but because the thought of not having a break took your present breath away? If so, I suggest a mental health break .... a personal day off , no plans, nothing but you some quiet time and some self care whatever that looks like to you. (Side note, this is not today's topic lol so whomever needed that reminder to take a day , you're welcome lol)

So real quick ....when's the last time you cleaned out your fridge and cabinets??? I mean like thoroughly cleaned them out ....ridding your home of everything expired? If you know me , I do pretty good at that because I have a hint , a small touch of OCD that is. Yep, Guilty! Proud and Guilty! So at times it's on 1000 and other times 50 so on any given day including Sunday I can go on a complete cleaning spree. That spree can last a few hours or a few days. Needless to say , I am in the middle of one as I type and I won't be done anytime soon. It all started when I went to the fridge to get some things and was greeted by some expired milk. The milk expired 10 days ago on 2/14/ 20. I immediately threw it out ...but because I have a thing about keeping only fresh and consumable items on deck for me and my guests I had to go through the entire fridge. When I'm done even stuff that I like , that has not made me sick but nearing it's expiration will be in the trash. I started to wonder how many people are being served or house some things beyond the expiration date. You wonder why you are sick or why certain things just don't taste or hit the same.. check the expiration date.

I want to encourage each of you as you go through this week to check the expiration date on some stuff both internally and externally. So from the fridge to your feelings , some of that stuff that no longer serves you be it friendship, family, hurt, mistakes, negative chatter .......throw it away. Everything has a best if used by date including us......and I tell you this, I don't want another person getting sick or failing to live full, fresh and free because they failed to get rid of some sour things!! I was so upset with myself when I noticed the expired milk because I had been housing " fresh" things in " foul" environment. Here's the killer ....It did not smell, it looked almost brand new and had I not looked closer at the expiration date it could have made a good breakfast bowl bad. Sometimes looks can be deceiving and it can be spoiled , rotten with no odor and still have the power to diminish the value of its surroundings and your taste buds. Clean accordingly this week my friends and let go of all the things that have already expired or nearing expiration. Check the date, evaluate as you prepare and toss out those things that no longer belong!

Love you much!!


PS--- Excuse any typos --- writing on the run :)

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