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During this...

Hey Friends!!

How are you all today??? Like really How are you??? Sometimes when I write I wish I could hear back from yall in real- time, kind of like call and response at church, AMEN lol 😊. Nonetheless, I appreciate all your emails and feedback after each entry. When I figure out how to put my comment section back on, it is going to be a blast!

Yesterday was a beautiful day in the DMV, 74-degree temps and sunny. I started my day with open windows, music and some much-needed time of meditation. By the afternoon, I had connected with family and friends sharing some laughs and staying up to date with the happenings in their local areas and simply ensuring everyone was maintaining their safety and sanity. It felt good, I felt good and then an alert came across my phone from the Governor and messages began to flow from friends that a “ stay at home order “ had been issued for my county and surrounding areas in the DMV beginning at 8pm. I read it and thought to myself well what does this mean???…. cause for me and my house …. We been at HOME period. To my surprise, many of the folks in my area have not been obliging the original orders so now there will be fines for those who don’t comply. As I thought deeper about how to respond to those in a panic and those who have no care in the world I realized that we are simply in the middle of one of the biggest world shifts to date and S*&^ is going to continue to shift rather we like it or not.

I recall the sweet sentiments of an old-school gospel song they use to sing at my grandmother’s church when I was young, “ Trouble in my way, I have to cry sometimes. Trouble in my way, I have to cry sometimes. I lay awake at night, but that's alright; Jesus will fix it after while” ….and I just rest on the fact that this will be fixed after a while. In the meantime, I want to drop this PSA and I apologize in advance if I said it before, but the way you respond to this pandemic will have much influence on the way you recover AFTER it. In the words of my sister “How you come up out of this thing is the BIGGEST response of all". That was all the reminder I needed. I refuse to give up, I refuse to gain weight, sit still and just be. I am my own project! Remember when I told y'all at the TOP of the year I was coming for some necks! NOTHING HAS CHANGED! We still have a responsibility to ourselves, to our families, those we love and those on the front-lines helping those we love to DO WELL even in the middle of this. Am I telling you not to grieve the cancellations of major life events, No… Am I saying don’t have any emotions or tears about job loss, school closings and bad hair days? Not at all… I’m simply saying don’t see the shift as a total loss, understanding that this too shall pass and though it may hurt temporarily and it may cause some discomfort and pain you can still control what you can control and that’s your attitude about the SHIFT!! ( Y'all know SHIFT sounds more like a cuss word in my head right now- transparent moment)

How can YOU say this at such a time as this, Chonda? Glad, you asked, the answer is simple, I am right here in the thick of it all with you! Most of my current income either requires travel to hospitals or in-person events apart from a few digital programming opportunities. I could easily freak out, like I just built a home…what about my car…what about this plan …what about?? But why? There is absolutely nothing I can do about the current climate of our nation besides to stay safe and take the necessary precautions, continue to pull others up and BUILD behind the scenes in the interim. Why? Because what AFTER this is important. Will you be prepared to tackle all the movement that follows this at home order. Will you appreciate the little things more or will you walk out burdened still in the blurry clouds wondering how and why me and what do I do.... I encourage you today, to get UP, get off the couch, get out of your night clothes, TAKE a five from social media and DO something today that can add JOY and more LIFE to your tomorrow!

Need some Motivation?

Here’s a few of my favorite Quarantine activities:

· Take a walk– This keeps me active and reminds me daily that I am truly blessed no matter what. My neighborhood is beautiful. ( I did not appreciate it before)

· Phone - A -Friend – We have become so accustomed to text, emails and allowing social media to tell us how our friends are really doing but there’s nothing like the sound of their voice or the smile on their faces if it’s been a while.

· Write/Journal -Empty your cluttered mind by writing down your feelings be it anger, worry, nervousness – Treat that sheet of paper like the altar and dump it all there and let it go.

· Tidy up your space- You spent all that money on Lysol, use it. It is a proven fact that a clean space adds more peace and clarity to your mental space also.

· Play some Music and Dance- Music is Therapy! Many of you have been to #Clubquarantine with DJ D-nice on IG, right? Here’s your chance to be the DJ and spin a few tunes of your own! This not only brings about more cardio if you love to dance but music also sends vibes of happiness and gratitude when selected appropriately! Need some Help, Follow my IG I have a playlist dropping on Spotify tonight just for you!

· Read- Read a new book and if you can’t seem to sit still that long, get on audible or other platforms and allow them to do the reading while you Listen! 😊

Be good to others this week but most importantly be good to yourself!

Love ya,

R. Rene’

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