• R. Rene' Woodard

Don't Cheat yourself!

Greetings Fam!!

It’s Monday and I hope you have found yourself in good cheer this morning! If not, find something to be thankful for and stay in that peace and joy all day long no matter what the day throws at you. I know, I know, easier said than done but can you commit to at least trying to be encouraged today? Thank you in advance for those who will even when you do not feel like it.

I am grateful today for God’s sense of humor …. I whispered a thing to myself yesterday about commitment and discipline and how I needed to get back to my early morning workouts, walks and runs. I said this week, I will be back on it. That is what I said before I went to bed last night. My alarm was set for 7am and though I told myself I was going to do this thing today; I did not prepare for it at all. I did not have my workout clothes laid out like the night before school, I stayed up like I had zero planned for the early part of the morning and went on with my night. To my surprise, GOD was listening too when I said what I said and without an alarm or even a reminder I was awaken out of my good slumber at 6am. 1 full hour before I had personally planned. I looked at the clock and immediately thought, Why! In that moment the light bulb went off and I realized this was my silent partner in accountability giving me the gift of TIME to prepare so that I personally could not make an excuse as to why what I planned could not get done. See GOD knew that I had already set myself up to not make good on my promise to self. Aren’t you glad that there is always someone or something that challenges you to be good to yourself even when you rather quit or go in a different direction??

I could have easily slept in until 7am, got up and used the time to prepare, which would have forced me to limit my time working out due to my work schedule. Instead I was prompted to get a head start so that I could finish early and simply follow-through. Many times, we say we want something, but we are not as prepared to do what it takes to get what we want. It sounds good rolling off the lips or in conversation with friends and family but the ability to put some fire and action behind those words is another thing. Therefore, many people shy away from accountability overall. They do not want anyone to remind them of their own committed words. Aren’t you grateful that you have a silent accountability partner that will push you to stay committed to your goals and ultimately to yourself?

See this will not mean much to some but to me this means everything because that 6am wake up reminded me of some things like the power of preparation, how and what GOD listens to and it reminded me that I have come to far than to cheat myself out of GOD’s best for me today or in the future.

I want to encourage some committed folks that have BIG GOALS, BIG DREAMS but may be experiencing lack of motivation and focus that you can still win. Remember these key things and let’s get some stuff done this last quarter of 2020!

1. Prepare: STOP talking and prepare to conquer and complete your goals this week the right way. If this week you are committed to exercise more, eat better, cuss less, whatever it is PREPARE for it! Do the prep work in advance so you have no excuses when the time comes to put those words into ACTION

2. Listen: Listen with your ears and your eyes because GOD hears you and others do too! What if your follow-through was all it took to encourage someone on the brink of giving up?

3. Don’t Cheat yourself: If you committed to 2 miles, go for 2 miles, if your goal is 30 days, 60 days, 90 days give it all you got the entire 30 , 60 , 90 days. There is no reason to give up halfway when the result you desire is waiting at the finish line!

4. Accountability: Get yourself an accountability partner and do not get offended when they hold you accountable. They are only present to remind you of what you said ….and to make sure your follow-through is as strong as your words. (It’s hard but it helps!)

Have a great week!

R. Rene’

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