• R. Rene' Woodard

Distractions, Distance and Destiny

Greetings Peeps!

It’s Monday!! How ya doing out there?? Are you quietly quarantined? Or Quarantined and complaining? I’ve spoken verbally to several different people who have shared their various quarantine sentiments and I cannot help but chuckle at the thought of those conversations. Whatever you must do to get through these times that may seem “challenging” I say do it but do it with a smile 😊. I shared last week via IG that this was a time to be the most creative and innovative as you have ever been. That’s with your careers, programs, family and with your communication. Many people have connected via social media in various ways but what I am enjoying the most is the verbal phone conversations that have taken place the past week. Friends and Family are calling instead of texting and it reminds me of the good ole days. So, if nothing else, I appreciate the ability to connect with friends and family both near and far!

Keeping the spirit of connection alive, I want to encourage you all this week to be careful what you allow yourself to connect to during this critical life season. As I mentioned above it’s an amazing thing to have technology , time and more to connect with family and friends …but there are some people connecting in these social spaces with things, visuals and information that you and I both know are NOT aligned to our destiny nor our future destinations to come after this global pandemic is over. I want to encourage you all to be mindful in your dealings, what you are watching, who you talking to, what you are posting and repeating. Nothing has changed about the POWER OF LIFE and DEATH living in your very own tongue. Nothing has changed about companies, employers even colleges looking at your social profiles and what your personal life brand outside of the office says about you. The simple rules of life online remain, so I urge you to keep the same protective energy you had before even more now. Would you believe me if I told you God is still in control even with all that’s going on? That his promises will still prove YES and Amen in 2020? Well….It’s true and I would hate for any of us to miss our blessing because we were distracted during a time where GOD was finally giving us the 20/20 clarity we so fervently asked for in prayer at the TOP of this year.

I’m saying this because I personally realized that this is the moment that GOD has designed for me to SEE clearly. I no longer have the distraction of TIME; I no longer have the distraction of somewhere to be (Travel has ceased) …. It’s been a perfect time to remove the blinders. I joked with a friend that this quarantined time does not bother me much because I like me… and I like my home. I realized that some people have used things to distract them from the realities of life. This is the time to recalibrate and get life right! Not just in a spiritual way but physically and mentally too! The gym is closed but your neighborhood is not , we all have been guilty of “ retail therapy” but now the stores are closed, go get “real therapy”….so many options but not enough people to be real about the true root of our distractions. People are hurting a sudden sense of urgency and desperation is sweeping through many households even now …. your household does not have to be one of them!

I am a firm believer if we use this time wisely and we place our own rules and boundaries to even social distancing and virtual distancing that we can all come out on top with the perfect vision we so desperately long for. Yes, there are things happening beyond our control…but for those things that we can control I ask that you do so with your future in mind!

2020 is still a good year and I'm looking forward to what's to come after this! You are ALIVE with breath in your body, you are in your right mind (I hope) and you have movement in your limbs…. LIVE I say, Just LIVE!

That’s all…

Love ya, R. Rene’

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