• R. Rene' Woodard

Dear January ...

Friendsssss ....

The 1st month of 2020 is coming to a rapid close and if I am honest the past two weeks have been something extremely heavy! This year has already had its very highs and some very deep lows. Unfamiliar, Read my last blog and then take a moment and recall the blow we all took on Sunday with the tragic incident that took place in LA on Sunday to get caught up. I wish I could say that we are just getting it all out the way and that it won't happen again but I can't say that. The reason I can't say that is because we all know that life comes at you fast in the most unexpected ways, but what I will promise is that we will get through it all together. The good, the bad, the ugly and I mean it!!

Turning our energies toward that of light and love today I want to encourage everyone reading this to do me favor? “Unfollow”, “Unfriend”, “Delete" and /or “Block" anything or anybody that makes you feel like you are not enough, that makes you feel sad, upset, envious, jealous or that triggers your depression, anxiety or even reminds you of your past on a constant. In the world of technology and the quest of remaining social we all find ourselves glued to our phone when our hands are free or to pass time during travel without ever taking notice what it truly does for your mental state. For some it’s all fun, games, laughter, for others it's uplifting, inspirational and keeps them abreast to what's happening in pop culture and current day news but for some it's an unhealthy daily routine that keeps them stuck in the rut of their very own thoughts all while losing time and in some cases money. Can we change the narrative of our social dealings, by simply changing who we choose to follow and allow to follow us by protecting our energy and mental altitude and personal attitudes by simply eliminating some of the excess noise? Can we do that?

I came to this moment on Sunday...... My Timeline depressed the HELL out of me. True story! I was boarding a flight in Atlanta finishing an amazing weekend with friends and family, church and witnessing one of my favs preach an amazing sermon. I was good and boom bad news fell. Hearing the bad news had its own effect but the timeline full of tears, opinions, comments and speculation really made matters worse. I felt like I stepped into a bubble of grief and my own life became shorter mentally. It's normal to have the thoughts when you are mourning a loss I get it ....but then I started thinking about the connection between my mental state and my social media time and that's when it hit me. See I prefer to see it as a billboard, not a platform so I post encouraging statements, funnies and informational resources on a regular....most of the people I follow do the same, but Sunday it made me think how many people spend countless hours in this social relationship that leaves them feeling lonely and unworthy.

Remember during the holidays, people were posting pajama pictures with their spouses, children and family, I thought to myself how does seeing that make one that is home alone feel? Or the one with no family? Or when you follow things like @myhusbandismybestfriend and you are flooded with people getting engaged or happily married yet you are still in therapy over your singleness or the hurt from a bad relationship? Triggers...... Oh let's talk about all the celebrities you follow ....the big house, the cars, the material things that you wish you had yet you live at home trying to dream and believe again that something is possible for you forgetting the intangibles that set you apart ..... TRIGGERS ...... I know you are saying " That does not bother me , I'm secure in myself and where I am blah blah" My reply is simple , You are secure and confident today , let the wrong post catch you on a day where all hell is breaking loose.... and then tell me how you feel! Now Listen, I'm no psychologist but I have friends who are and we have these conversations because it all plays apart rather you know it or not. I am challenging each of you this week to feed your spirit and soul with things that uplift you and encourage you to LIVE life full, confident and on purpose with who and what you have. I know social space is cool, I rock with it too but I will never let it rock me backwards. Limit your time on IG, Facebook, some boundaries and watch the stability of your emotions change. You should not know a million things about the world and not what's going on in your own home. Don't allow what is being seen steer you from the unseen. Trust your belief and release your triggers because what 2020 has to offer you is so much bigger if you position yourself accordingly!!

I could talk about this forever but I won’t, someone gets it! Your life input drives your life Output ... The choice is yours!!!

Love ya, I swear I do!

R. Rene'-

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