• R. Rene' Woodard

Dear Anxiety...

Greetings Family!!!

I hope that this message finds all of you well amidst the current client of our nation as we sit and war this COVID-19 pandemic. I am praying for the safety, sanity, health and well-being of both you, your children, spouses, parents, co-workers, teachers, entrepreneurs, the healthcare workers, political leaders and more currently. Being a healthcare professional who spent most of my early career nearly 20 years ago in a laboratory, under the hood resulting test and viruses such as this and being in direct care this hits a bit differently. I want to encourage you all to simply learn from the mistakes of our world leaders and simply be Proactive rather than Reactive in as we CONQUER this quarantine challenge.

Unlike many and contrary to the belief of others, I like to be home. I mean really Like it. I love my home, it’s comfortable and I have in some way created an oasis of peace, joy and laughter….a calming sense of energy if you will and If I could stay in it all day ( now I can, lol) I would. For some odd reason this morning when I awake, I didn’t feel too good…. It was not the result of struggled sleep this time, it was more of a tighten chest and a dull headache. I pushed through my normal morning routine, meditation, scripture, song, vitamins, devotional to center the day. I replied to a few messages and went on my way. When began driving in my car to post-office…. The chest discomfort started again and this time the pain felt more familiar than when I woke up. This was something I knew …. this was Anxiety knocking. I wondered briefly to myself why am I anxious, what is it? I am fine …I have what I need and I’m not worried so what is this? This is the car chat I have with myself and that’s when it hit me …. EVERYONE probably has some internal anxiety right now. The UNKNOWN brings about anxiety more than being anxious for the next appointment, 1st day, dream date or exciting accomplishment. The unknown can subconsciously force you into fear internally while you are externally functioning in Faith on the outside and if you are not careful you won’t notice it. You will call it a headache, you will call it tired, you will call it everything but what it is ANXIETY.Can I encourage both YOU and ME today as we face so much uncertainty around us to simply BE ANXIOUS for nothing if we can help it. I say if we can help it because, the way my anxiety shows up I usually can’t pin it down to one thing or another. I am a constant thinker; I have a million tabs open in my mind and on sticky notes and Samsung notes on a regular. I have always been this way but now that I am older these things take internal arrest of me and cause unwanted anxiety at random times. Give your anxiety its eviction papers.

“Dear Anxiety,

Today will be the last day that you are able to reside in my home (mind), on my job (body) and in my spirit (soul). There is no room for you during this time or in the near future. Though there are things happening that I can’t control, I am at peace and only focused on what I can control. I am taking everything that comes my way one day, one hour, one minute, one second at a time from this point forward. This is permanent and there will be no future renewals, everything that came with you should also be removed and this will officially terminate all previous agreements.”

See when you terminate it …. that means everything that’s attached to it must go. There is no coming back. But because anxiety will attempt to use another name or attach to other things like stress, depression, sadness, cabin fever, financial burden, job issues etc. continue to practice mindfulness techniques and do the things that protect you from anxiety. So that if it does decide to pull up, remember this reminder to get it to fall back again and again!



“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; 7 and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” ~ Philippians 4:6-7

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