• R. Rene' Woodard

Call me Crazy...

Top of the week Peeps!!

I pray that this message finds you in great spirits as you begin another fabulous Monday. I know, I know some of you are like what's fabulous about it and my response to that is simple..... YOU MADE it to see another Monday, when someone else did not I beg you to somehow, some way find gratitude and peace this morning knowing that you too have much to be grateful for this day even if it did not start as you saw fit and even despite any challenges or mindsets that have conditioned you to forsake Mondays change the narrative today for me and for those around you. I can say this to you because if you have been following me for any length of time you know I use to have a love hate relationship with Monday. Once I shifted my stinking thinking Monday began to shift for me.

Now that I have that out the way, let me share why I am really writing today. Over the past few days I have caught up with many friends and family all over the US via phone, text, face-time, Marco polo you name it. We have shared laughs, tears, and encouraged one another and more. I found myself going back to some of them, revisiting the messages and literally laughing out loud at some of our conversations. There was a consistent theme across each moment somebody was being called crazy and in most cases, it was probably me. It made me think of all the times growing up when “crazy" was like a bad word. OMG, don't talk to him He crazy. Oh no girl don't sit by her she is " crazy" like for real....and 95% of the time you would take your friends' word for it and shy away from those many labeled as " crazy" and if you are green in your slang even today , you probably still shy away from or misinterpret crazy for bad from time to time. Being who I am, I went and hollered at Webster's to get the many meanings of "crazy".

At first glance, it is bad “mentally deranged, especially as manifested in a wild or aggressive way" "Stella went crazy and assaulted a visitor", nutso, not all there.... I mean the list was long. But peep this, if you keep reading there are many other interpretations of crazy and they are good. The one I like the most is “extremely enthusiastic". “John was crazy about Sarah”, “Sarah is crazy about the mountains" and that furthered confirmed why I don't mind being called crazy and neither should you. I am crazy!! Crazy about my friends and family, crazy about reaching my goals, crazy about people around me reaching their goals and crazy about living my best life no matter what it takes. Who wouldn't be extremely enthusiastic about that?? Why wouldn't I showcase an over the top (crazy) behavior or emotions regarding the amazing things happening in my village and across my tribes. I want each of you this week to get crazy about the things that matter most to you! I mean crazy...... because crazy prompts action and has the ability to change the narrative of many stories.

In some instances your crazy will be misinterpreted, people will tell you it does not take all that to get what you need done, some naysayers will try to convince you to get quiet about your dreams and stop being so weird with it and they may even say you are nutso for going the lengths that you are willing to go, but there is one thing you can count on, YOUR just as CRAZY friend R. Rene' will be right there with you, encouraging you to be different and daring you to GET CRAZY about what is happening in your life. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where most would be crying but you muster up a laugh or smile and people are looking like umm he/she is crazy!! That's the kind of crazy you have to be willing to adopt in order for the things you want out of life to take place. When I meet people like that I don't call them crazy, I find myself laughing with them because I know if they can laugh when they are hurt, down or without they have some crazy faith, crazy confidence and crazy hope knowing that the experience or thing cannot and will not break them. In those cases, we all need to take some notes so we too can handle our life's experiences in that way both good and bad.

So Hey, Call me crazy!!

What are you feeling crazy about this week? This month? Get crazy aka extremely enthusiastic!

Love ya,

R. Rene-

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