• R. Rene' Woodard

Answer the Phone~

Greetings good people!!

I am a day behind on my post this week but I promised myself it would get out by Wednesday and here I am! I pray this messages finds each of you well this morning. It's March and just like Jan and Feb, March came in swinging like an all-out street fight. Many life transitions and then today a place that I had the privilege to call home for 8 years , that still pays me to date was hit with a very devastating tornado. This tornado ripped homes apart and tore businesses down to the ground, lives were lost and some are still missing it just seems unreal. One thing for sure, two things for certain (as my dc peeps say) this life is full of the unexpected and things can truly change overnight. Love yourself, Love those around you and live your life. ....I will say this every time we meet in this space until you truly put some action behind those words and do it.

On to the real...

As I prepared to start my day yesterday I sat and considered my blog post and what I wanted to share this week and I went back and forth with a few things. If you know me know me that is likely normal because I have a lot on my mind at all times, I see things in my travels and in the work that I get to do daily, so at times it’s like a constant light bulb moment in my world. The one thing I use to struggle with at times is checking my voicemail (covers face) until recently. You ever missed a call and said " I'll call them right back" then you get sidetracked with life and it never happens? Or you see the Voicemail icon for days in and out but because there was not a text or a visible emergency you decide once again “I’ll check that later" oh and let's not forget the “I don't answer numbers I don't know" folks! We have all been guilty a time or two or three if you’re willing to be honest. What if I told you that some of those missed calls were very important? That some of those calls had more benefit to you than burden. I think this notion that you shouldn't answer certain numbers because they are bill collectors, robot calls soliciting or people you don't know etc. are just another way to keep us from moving forward. It keeps you from connecting in timely fashion with people you love, business deals are placed on hold, positions are filled and personal delays are being created all because you won't answer the phone. Don't believe me ...Watch this, I decided to listen to voicemail yesterday while brushing my teeth ( uninterrupted time) I thought to myself I should only have maybe 2 messages I answered majority of my calls over the weekend etc. . To my surprise there was 8 new messages. Out of the 8 only 2 were solicitors, the others were missed calls for opportunities of interest some dated for over a week ago, other messages from longtime friends with new digits.... How did I miss this??? To make matters worse there was another call from someone who decided not to even leave a message. The only reason I even knew they made contact was a follow-up email that started with “I have attempted to reach you several times via phone" .... Why are we like this? I want to encourage each of you this week to simply ANSWER your PHONE. Scared because you don't want to chat with a bill collector or tell a solicitor to remove you from the list... I'm always so confused by this. Make arrangements, Pay your Bills, tell the robots to loose ya number or block them so that the blessings tied to someone physically speaking to you won't become a casualty of your inability to acknowledge the call in real-time. Text is cool, face time is cool, IG and Facebook are too but some things require a little more than that!

I'll leave you with this, several years ago my childhood pastor decided to give me a call to check in. This is a prominent community leader who considered me to be like a daughter. He checked in often, me being in my 20's running the world so I thought did not return the call immediately. I listened to the voicemail a week later, days after the voicemail I received a call from my family to say he had passed away. The week he called me I was in the middle of my own world doing likely nothing major but not valuing the time and benefits to the call..... I was later told by his children that the reason he was reaching out was to inform me of his sickness but all the voicemail said was to give him a call and that he loved me dearly to never forget it. Moments like that stick with me even today. I take no moment for granted and I promise if I can't answer right away, I do my best to return every call and you should too!

Love you all with my whole-heart!

Finish the week strong and answer the phone!


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