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Reflection- No Regrets~

Happy Holidays!!!

On this last Friday of 2019 I myself in deep reflection...

Reflecting on the highs and the lows of 2019, reflecting on the moments of love, accomplishment and joy and reflecting on the moments where I did not feel the best. In each of the moments of reflection, I realized that I could not have made it through many of those moments without each of you in some way, shape or form.

I am grateful for the support, encouragement and push you continue to give in all of my endeavors. The support of my blog, Girl Talk DC, Holiday Angel donations, Trips and more really help keep me going and doing the things I know in my heart I have been called to do. I committed to being a resource for both the young and old a very long time ago and GOD has blessed me with many opportunities to do so. But just like it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to bless a community, to uplift our people and you all have made that village stronger year after year.

Today's blog is dedicated to each of you and I simply want to encourage you to have NO REGRETS as you walk into this next season. Yesterday, I was writing in my journal and I wrote "Every season I experienced this year was intended for me”.... Now, I have to be straight up and tell you that was NOT what I was writing. See, sometimes when I'm writing the pen just takes over and goes ahead of my thoughts, I like to call these moments "Jesus Jump-Ins". It's become quite clear that Jesus jumps in to send me subtle yet obvious reminders, so that I won't spend too much time spinning my wheels about what did not happen and focus on what did and what I learned from it rather good or bad. Each experience is an opportunity to learn something new about both yourself and others around you. Some of our highest moments and lowest moments were directly connected to the people, places and choices we made for ourselves. So why regret it?? Because the outcome was something other than expected? Delayed destiny? Or the time loss? None of it matters when you are growing! Sure it hurts sometimes, sure it’s unexpected..... It also is necessary for that season to produce a character within you that was still a work in progress. As if the Jesus Jump in was not enough, my mentor sent over a daily devotion this morning that confirmed the same journal entry with a statement that simply read " Never Regret a day of your life" ... and that's what I want you all to be left with today. For some 2019 was the best year ever, for others it was touch and go but guess what YOU LIVED THROUGH IT and that's what matters most. You are still here, present and accounted for positioned to create the life you want. I urge you to reflect, to write, to prepare and to be present moving into this next decade... Be proud of who YOU are and where you are!! Don't let the internet rush you, keep your motives and your heart pure and quite frankly do what makes your heart smile and your soul move despite those who may not understand. YOU were NOT meant to be understood, you were created to LIVE and there's a difference.

I love each of you with my whole-heart, I pray that you will live out loud, Love deeply and SOAR greatly in this New Year. Make it all count!!!

Happy Holidays and Have a blessed New Year!!


R. Rene'

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