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Show Up!!


Whew Chile, its December we made it!! Month 12 of 12. WE made it! Can you believe it, I sure can't it has truly been a year. A year of laughs, tears, ups , downs , love, pain, hurt, joy all of the feels but we are here and we can officially say that we have survived 95% of 2019 and we did so with our heads held high!

It's been a minute since I have been able to share....My schedule has been nonstop with this week being no different. I literally had to make a list with “Write a blog “in order to get this out today. Every day I have so much to share or say during the various light bulb moments throughout my travels and when I sat in this seat to write this afternoon my mind almost went blank ... How does a full mind go blank, Jesus! Good thing I leave myself notes to refer to in my phone on a post it and anywhere I can so I can recover said thoughts immediately.

I had the honor of attending a women's leadership summit yesterday. I walked into a room full of BOSS chicks. I mean Government, Physicians, Business Owners, Fashion Designers, Staging Consultants and more. It was the epitome of Black Girl Magic in one space hosted by the US Black Chamber of Commerce. The conference had been on my schedule for months and my company had already acknowledged the week to be dedicated to Professional Development something that does not happen often with our crazy travel schedules. In true Rochonda Fashion (guilty), I almost did not attend, I second guessed my availability. I was tired, I have much to do, and I could skip this and use the TIME for something else.... (Like, NOTHING in full transparency LOL)

But, how many of you know that half the battle is won if you just SHOW UP? So I got myself together put on some pearls and went on my way to get what was there for me and I am so glad I did! It was everything WE needed. WE being me, YOU, my sisters and brothers striving to do big business as a minority all of us! I walked in to the speaker saying “It’s not about YOU" had I not shown UP I would not have all this good info to share and spread to the masses. (Which I will in a second email) SO when people say SHOW UP they mean be present, all ears and OPEN because in most cases it's really much bigger than you!

I want to encourage each of you as you approach this holiday season, a season that attempts to defeat many with society's winter blues, the broken hearts due to missed loved ones and more to simply SHOW UP in spite of it all. Even if you don't have the energy or motivation FINISH STRONG. I know you don't feel like it, I'm not always in the mood! The promise is that ,there is something on the other side of showing up that has been designed to put you in a remarkable position for you and the legacy of those after you and around you! Friends, Family and Foe! Go to the party, gather with friends who are eager to do life with you, speak up in the meeting and do so with GRACE and INTENTION knowing in your heart that the mere fact that you showed up was a gift that has the power to keep on giving!!

I love you all with my whole-heart and don’t let anyone tell you anything different!



R. Rene' xoxo

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