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Happy Monday~ What did you hear?

Happy Monday Peeps!!

I pray that each of you are doing well this chilly Monday afternoon. As I prepared to travel this morning just hours after getting in from another trip all I wanted to do was stay in bed and sleep. I mean think about it a warm bed, blanket and some cozy pajamas definitely seemed like the move for a MONDAY! Nonetheless, that bed and that heat had to be paid for so I got on up and made airport for my final week in Burlington, Vermont (where it’s colder, might I add my ride to the airport was the most pleasant and comical one to date in a very long time. I was picked up by a lyft driver name Rick. Rick was so full of life, he grabbed my bags and opened and closed my doors as if I was being chauffeured to a gala. We talked the entire ride and if any of you know me on My Monday uber/lyft chronicles I am usually catching up on client emails , taking an early morning call with my mom or listening to my meditation to not be interrupted, but this time was different but not just because of Rick. See before bed last night I was listening to the news and hearing all about these crazy uber and lyft tales from recent riders across the US. Some of the stories were just unheard of and crazy. I eventually went to bed with these new “negative thoughts" regarding the app based on what I heard on television. Though my experiences have been quite opposite of what I heard , I found myself with a small dose of concern so I promised that if I decided to take ride share service on today that I would ensure I paid attention to everything. This meant no calls, no emails and no music absolutely no distractions. To my surprise, my experience was totally opposite of those cautious thoughts I led with.

What I want to encourage each of you to do this week is to Pay attention to how you receive information and apply it to your circumstance because sometimes those things really don't apply to you. When you are not careful with how you discern or interpret the information you allow in, you can find yourself working, walking and functioning out of fear or behind a wall of defense that was never intended for you. Now the issues and allegations currently taking place with Uber and Lyft are very serious and we should all be cautious in our dealings when it comes to that matter but the message still applies. What has your experience been? My need to be more attentive was the message for me, not to be mean and treat all drivers like the criminals I just heard about. Another example, how many times has a coworker or friend told you a thing or two about a person, manager, co-worker etc. and you began treating them a certain way based on what you “heard" from someone else forgetting about your track record or experience or lack-thereof with the person? How many times has someone told you that the food over at XXX was not good to me and all you heard was “not good" and applied that to your thinking about the place without trying such for yourself to see if it suits your pallet? I'm saying all of this to say don't get caught up in what you hear or jumping on the " Me too" train when people are sharing stories that may not apply to you. What if I told you the co-worker who complains about the attitude of the manager or leader of your group.....? is always late , doesn't meet deadlines and currently on a performance improvement plan ( PIP) do your work, your timely and never been on a PIP and have 0 run-ins to-date with your boss but now you too have an attitude or get on defense when asked to do something ..... All as a result of “what you heard" ....Be careful how you use what you hear when you are determining how to move or take action.....everything is not what it seems!

I don't know who needed this reminder today , but I pray that you are cautious in your dealings and that your ability to interpret what's for you and what's not will be at an all-time high this week as you begin to move into this new week of opportunities and blessings! Actions speak louder than words!

Love you all, with my whole-heart!!!


R. Rene'-

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