• R. Rene'-


To be known is not build and leave a solid legacy is what really matters.

Greetings Good People! Over the past few weeks I began placing limits on the amount of time I spend on social media for both business and personal. As I scroll the timelines and updates I can't help but notice the various types of posting from socialites, entrepreneurs, social media strategists and more. I realized 3 things they all have in common.... 1. They post a lot 2. They post themselves a lot 3. They shout out other businesses and well known folks out in excess I realized that this is the society we live in and how many get ahead in today's media has become a wealth ladder for many so it makes sense. I sometimes wonder if you took the money component and the attention away would these same people do this same work with the same passion and determination. If you are one of them ....answer me would you? If the social platforms went away today would your name or claim to fame hold the same weight? What are you doing outside of what you post that can sustain your name for your family and children in years to come. Call me old school but integrity and quality over quantity still matters to me and I would much rather my name be good even if I'm not seen or known by all. Social media has forced many people to believe they have to prove something to others while losing themselves. Trends can be HOT today and Cold and irrelevant tomorrow.... What are you doing for your legacy when you place all of your stock in a single basket! This makes me think of my birthplace Flint, Michigan also once known as Buick City the car capital. See they were known for this, it's where all the quality cars were built in the early 70s and 80s. After seeing just how good this industry was doing in the north other car competitors hopped on the land and the big 3 of manufacturing was formed. This partnership dominated the state for many years providing jobs, increasing generational wealth and more. Michigan was known for Cars. It was a HOT trend. But no one ever stepped back to think that if something happened to the car industry an entire state would fall by the wayside. Fast 2019 when you hear Flint, MI you think Lead and Water crisis or Murder capital. Nobody is talking about what they were once known for.......To be known is NOT enough! I'm not sure if I spoke about this before but it truly bothers me to my core to believe that people want attention yet are leaving no legacy. I want to encourage each of you today to. Evaluate how many eggs you are placing in 1 basket, 1 stream of income, 1 industry or only on social media. I want you to focus more on long term financial success in lieu of short term notoriety, fame and acknowledgement.....even a candle eventually loses its flame.... Legacy... BUILD with that in Mind! Love ya, R-

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