• R.Rene'

A quick word ...

Hi Friends and Hump Day!!

I pray that each of you are having a wonderful week.

My goal is definitely to do better with my weekly check-ins and doses of inspiration and it my friends will remain a goal until its complete and I am as consistent as I can be! Real Talk, I stay busy with lots of moving parts and an overwhelming amount of experiences and light bulb moments. Y'all would honestly get tired of me ...well not really lol!!!

When I started the TOTD ( Thought of the day) emails in 2008, 11 whole years ago. I sent out a TOTD every week , any day of the week with whatever GOD had placed on my heart to share with my close family and friends at that time. To date I like to do the same. I was recently in a strategy meeting for my business where I was told you have to be more visible post pics of you in action, coaching, teaching, etc you have to stage your posts on your business pages via social media to increase traffic....... It's a pain point for me believe it or not ....My moves, my life is far too intentional and authentic for me to do this .....I like AHA moments, I like a level of privacy that requires boundaries and I like words that inspire people for life not just the moment so how do I bridge the two in today's society? The group was stunned at my response considering my personal IG page has stories and glimpse of a little of this and that with ease....I said but it's different ....this is not just something I'm good at or something I am doing just to do's my gift and GIFTS should be handled a little differently...especially when its Real!

I want to encourage someone today to handle your gift and experiences appropriately and with care... There are some things that have been assigned to you, for you and only YOU and there are some things that you have been called to SHARE, POST, SPEAK and WRITE about to help and add value to the lives of others. Take some time to get to know the difference because believe me , there is one.

Love ya,






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