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What are you Sowing!?

Good day Beautiful people!!!

We are just a few short hours away for the weekend, aren't you excited?

I could not let another day go by this week without sharing a quick word of advice and encouragement to you all!!

Last night I was up later than normal sharing an old throwback story with one of my good good girlfriends. As I began telling the story and revisiting some old memories that life bulb of mine went off and an analogy of plants and seeds was used to describe the actions of the key people including myself in the story. Can any of you relate to being in a place or season where you or someone around you could be identified as “bad seed"?? See as we were talking about my healing process from over 10+ years ago from some heartbreak and brokenness that I had experienced ,I explained to her how the experience that brought on the hurt and brokenness was not new , it was something that I had experienced before. In that moment it hit me that I in my broken, unhealed state could be considered the bad seed. Some of you won't get this so I will make it as plain as possible.....

When you have a bad seed, no matter what type of soil, pot or how much sun and water you give the seed it will not produce a thing. Days will go by, the routine will remain and you will find yourself wasting good water, perfect sunlight and fertile soil on a seed that does not have the power to grow. But because you have the instructions and all of the good products you keep trying, you never checked the seed to see if it was a fresh/mature pack. You even go as far as to buy a deeper pot, add new soil or change the location of the seed and still no luck. See friends you have to pay closer attention to what it is you are sowing. Have you examined the seed lately?

What are you sowing?! You cannot get frustrated when the seeds you are sowing are the common denominator of failed relationships, job loss, friendship turmoil, lack, financial struggle and more. You are pairing “Bad Seed" like things, attitudes and actions into good fertile soil expecting something that won't happen until you Change the seed. The seed in some cases is you..... The soil is that good opportunity, that nice young lady/man, that open door, the favor, the gift, talent and non-stop offerings that you can't take advantage of because you have yet to repair (heal) the seed. I encourage each of you today to EXAMINE the seeds you are sowing!!!

As if I needed more confirmation that the seed share was important as we head into the weekend, God blessed me real good during my devotional time this morning to further prove that when you sow well you receive well. It read ---” What many Christians tend to do is stand before a field in which they planted no seed and pray, “God give me a miracle harvest." While God is a God of miracles the law of the land is that you reap what you sow".

Sowing a bad seed is just as bad as sowing no seed at all and expecting a harvest, I'll ask again what are you sowing during this season my friends? Things that make you say hmmm...

Love ya ,

R. Rene'







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