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Making everyday count!!

Greetings Peeps!!

Monday's can be dreadful to many, me included at times. I found myself troubling my own spirit regarding today on yesterday, sending memes to friends and family like “I already don't want to go to work tomorrow" etc.... we chuckled and went back and forth about how it was not just Mondays but any day at most times. At the conclusion of the laughs I posed the question “If you were not going to work tomorrow, what would you do? What would your Monday look like?" Many replied like, clean my house, finish some laundry, get my hair done, go to the movies, take a trip to the beach, go to this conference, sleep and so forth. It was interesting to see some of the responses and to my surprise nobody said work on personal projects, crafts, business goals etc. Each person replied with what they really needed time to do and it seemed like simple things right? The basics, Self-Care and Home care and that's when I realized we have been doing life backwards. We get days to do all of the above but we do not use them for such. So are we mad at the weekdays because we don't use our weekends as wisely as we could? Have we not created enough balance in how we work during the week?

Let's just be honest, we make many plans throughout the week for what the weekend will look like without considering the things mentioned above. Sometimes we just cancel the day.....GUILTY! I did this on Friday and what I notice is many of us are doing more cancelling than scheduling and that my friends is hurting our ability to get the basics done and have more productive days. I wrote a few months ago about leaving room..... But we are still struggling!

I want to encourage you to incorporate these 3 things this week:

1. Get back to creating to do list and setting weekly goals. Stop overwhelming yourself and take this journey 1 day and 1 week at a time. It's a healthy move for your mental stability and organizing your week. With each accomplished tasks it creates the spirit of WIN internally which essentially pushes you to want to do more!

2. Add 1 home care tasks or self-care tasks to one of your weekdays (Wash and dry a load of clothes on a Tuesday, run to target or grocery store on a Wednesday) get those items after work or before work rather than waiting to the weekend. This will reduce the amount of things on that to-do list Saturday or Sunday giving you a little time back to your weekend. This week I will be buying flowers and groceries on Monday, if you know me this is normally a Saturday/Sunday activity.

3. Keep your work tasks off the dinner table- While work can be a topic of conversation during dinner with your loved ones this week, don’t let the overburden or pressure of work consume the mood of your home or relationships. Handle your emotions. Your children or spouse did not cause your work plate to be full and work is not the reason why you could not perform a home tasks.... the way you balanced your time is what interfered... Know the tone of your home is truly set by what you bring in the door from day to day!

I pray that this message can help 1 household this week, these are not things you don't know ....but simple reminders to push many of you into creating good space in your day in your week all while maintaining a positive yet productive attitude. You were created for the moment and season you are in ....but how you handle it day to day will be the determining factor of you remaining booked and busy and being able to master each day you are blessed to see, even a MONDAY!

Let's maximize this week!!

Love ya with my whole-heart!!

R. Rene'

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