• R. Rene' Woodard

Keep Building!!

Happy Monday!!!

How many of you woke up this morning feeling like a BOSS?!!! If not, why didn't you? What got in the way of you waking up, ready to conquer this week? I mean the fact that you were able to wake up without assistance should be more than enough to have the right attitude correct? I know I know sometimes even though we are grateful to see the light of day, the things that happen after the wake-up can sometimes shift our gratitude into an AT-TI-TUDE. My hope is that you will read this and get that good energy back that will prompt you to move like the BOSS you are the remainder of this week.

On so many occasions last week, I set out to share and post a new blog but every time I started I was interrupted ...and just like that the week was over and here we are. I made it my mission today that before I left my office for any reason I would get this checked off my list!

For the past week or so I have found myself more excited than usual to enter my new subdivision..... I find myself gazing and slowing down as I pass these huge, beautifully built homes.... as I approach the roundabout that leads to my street I take more notice of the construction of the community house, pool and tennis courts, I drive a little further and I see land with nails, wood, dirt, brick, siding and other materials where the home builders are preparing to take all of these things join them together and build yet another new house. It's in that moment that I was reminded 1. How blessed I am 2. How importantly crucial the "build" process is. See I have had a front row seat at building something from scratch both from my experience building a new home and from starting and stopping several business ventures, corporate programs for work and more along the way. See the build process is not always easy and as both believers, entrepreneurs and professionals we have to stop shifting gears as if building something shouldn't take time. Here's the abbreviated version, Building starts with " Breaking Ground"....when you are breaking ground your hope is that the land is ready to be built upon ...( SN: There are land surveyors who have to check it out to make sure it is ready before you even schedule a ground break) after the ground is broken then the width ,length of home is assessed and footing take place, this is before the establishment of the " foundation", after the foundation is in place , there comes piping and ground wiring for access to local utilities to ensure the ground you are building on is capable of being "plugged in"...the next step is framework the housing outline and elevation and woodwork selected by the buyer is begun and produced directly from approved sketches ... after framework is up there is an inspection to confirm this is what you asked for ... you follow me ...these are just some of the steps and you can imagine it all takes time right.... Well this same process BOSS lady, BOSS man applies to you and what you are currently building. Don't rush the process if you want a quality Build! Building sounds good until you are in it and things you thought were going to be easy are not.... See the ground breaking and land surveyor can be thought of as your therapist, your leadership, mentor or higher power ... checking your mentality, motive and perspective to see if you are ready for what you are building ....after you get that clearance now we can break ground and begin the digging to see how long, how wide (BIG) is this thing I am trying to produce see these are all keys to preparing for a great foundation. Once that foundation is laid, now you can move on to getting into some permanent foundation laying, logos, websites, trademarks, etc..... even then you will run into some snags ....why? You are building something. Once you get all of that complete the next steps become plugging in and this is where many miss the mark.....I have said it many times before and I will say it again your network=net worth ...... I am a whole movement by myself, but when I connect with my circle we are a FORCE.....Building alone is cool, but it’s better to build with some additional support..... By now you get what I'm saying BUILDING takes time, Building will require you to dig deeper but the end product will be worth it, if you stay the course and remember why you decided to build in the first place. What I am saying to you is nothing new and merely just a friendly reminder to Trust the process....

Let this bless you...... ON 7/1/18 ...... the house I now call home was nothing but doors, no windows, no foundation, no frame work. All it took was 8 whole months, some snow , some rain , some painful snags and more along the way for what is now a beautiful residence to be produced and that's all it can take for you to BUILD what you currently have your hands on too, if you continue to build forward. Speaking of #8..... Did you know 8 years ago nobody knew who gospel artists Anthony Brown or Jonathan McReynolds were, now 2019 they are household names ...... 5 years ago I was carrying Todd Dulaney CD's in a backpack while he sang at a DC Church, now he is an international gospel artist and people are singing his songs in multiple languages. 3 years ago a close friend left corporate America and returned to DC in 2019 with his own business and now being sought after by the government with more contracts than he can handle.... At 96 years old my good good girlfriends’ grandmother wrote her 1st novel and learned to type at the same time to get her words onto paper..... TRUST the process. Everybody won't understand why it's taking you so long to build...they won't get why you won't just throw in the towel ...But after reading this you can confidently remind everyone , that Building something of substance and quality takes time and be OK with it! This is your house (life), these are your materials (Vision), and this is your Journey!!

Trust that ish!

Keep Bossin' up and let everyone else catch up!

Love ya!!

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