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Hello Good People!!

Happy June, Happy Birthday, Congratulations and all of the above!!! I'm sure it's been just that long since I last shared a blog post!! If I failed to congratulate you or celebrate you in anyway over the past few weeks please accept my sincere apologies. Time has been moving soooo fast and I feel as if I have to say that each time I write ...because it’s June...already....and it is scary sometimes. Before we know if it'll be Christmas but for now I digress.

As I was finishing up lunch this afternoon, I found myself dazing memories of the past few weeks and just how blessed I truly am. On May 27th I took another trip around the sun and became 39 years of age. It's not an age that I ever thought of in much detail as a child because it was not what one would call a "milestone" or a " big number" so if I'm honest I never thought about it ....As I prepared for how I would celebrate and what I wanted this " 9th" (I dropped the 3 long ago) year of life it felt different. In normal Chonda fashion I would just hop on a plane to a foreign land where the celebration would include a body of water and well-curated hotel or villa experience and a few boats. ... But for 9 that by itself just didn't feel like the move. I started to think about what was important to me and my current life season and all I wanted was to be surrounded by the people closest to me. The people that make my world work and my journey I decided to celebrate in the states at my new home with a housewarming and BBQ with friends and family and man was it a blast! I always prayed that my home would be full of love, peace, comfort, food and fun.....and in that 1 moment it did all that and more.

I am sharing this today to encourage some of you to go back to the days of Love and Family because after all of the titles are removed, after the money runs out and you have nothing left to give ....these are the people and memories that will hold you up on both good and bad days. My first friendvestment as a "9" year old woman is to charge each of you with picking up the phone to just say I love you , I got you , I'm here for you, I'm sorry , book a flight , take a ride across town to see that loved one just because this week. Family has taken the backseat to our crafts, our money, our goals, big trips and more long enough. I've been on the road 15 years for work, I missed many opportunities to love, to connect deeper with friends and family in some cases. Family should not be viewed as more of a blessing than a burden. What I love most about family is that it does not only include the ones with the same bloodline, it’s also the ones chosen for you and by you for a lifetime.

People are leaving this earth daily and the last thing I want to do is to regret not spending time with those I love. These moments are priceless...and if you are like me they are you must cherish the ability to do this more while we can. To all of you reading today, I love you..... To all that celebrated with me the past few weeks I appreciate you. To all who feel alone or unsure ....YOU are NOT and that I know for certain.

Be Blessed, Be Intentional, and Be Free!





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