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What you consume, consumes you!

Greetings Luvs!!

Spring is here!!! I have to start by apologizing for going MIA the past 2 weeks, as they say in the old church please charge my head and not my heart because I truly have been thinking about each and every one of you, no lie! In all honesty, I have been consumed. Consumed with work ,Consumed with my new home , consumed with family, love, business, thoughts, events, church, just consumed with LIFE and all the things that come with it daily.

Every time I would begin to write a weekly share ....something would stop me in my tracks or I would get interrupted by life. Unlike times before when I could hit the reserve tank and share a journal entry from that week or some revelation/ light-bulb moment during my travels...Nope, not one. My mind has been simply that consumed and real talk while it's been productive and busy and producing good fruit it doesn't always feel good!!! The consumption even overtook my 3 -4 minutes of stillness some days and real talk at times I wanted to scream!

Today, I made it my mission, my blogging duty, an intentional written "TO DO" to share with YOU and that my friends is what got us to this very moment. So let's go.... Walk with me for a minute..... I had to go back to my writing roots for this one and refer to my boy Webster so that he would keep me honest, keep you whole and bring clarity to us all..... Do you know what Consumed or Consumption means? Like really? Consume is defined like this: eat, drink, or ingest when we are speaking of food and beverage; It means to BUY when you’re talking goods and services ; but here is my favorite...Consume means to "USE UP" if you are referring to a resource.....Do you consider yourself a resource? I'm glad you were honest.... YES, we are all walking, talking, living resources that at some point get tired of being consumed even when its good consumption....You ever ate (consumed) a meal and it was so good that you kept eating it until you could not eat any longer? And by the time you decided to stop you were already miserable and FULL. All you can imagine doing after all you had taken in was nothing but sleep, sitting down or just not moving really just need a minute right? Well that's the feeling of a person like myself and many of you reading this doing amazing things you are FULL, USED UP and you don't have any more goods or services on the inside for anyone to BUY because of all that you have consumed over the past few weeks.

See Consumption is not just reveals that what you consume must be monitored. It also means what and who you let utilize you must be vetted. See you can't consume everything that is thrown at you even if you want to. It may taste good, it may be lucrative but it's not healthy. I can eat all the soup I want and never feel stuffed, warm, it goes down easy, it doesn't paralyze me... I can be a resource to the selfless and those with the heart to give all day long because they don't take me being a resource for granted and they replenish simultaneously in a way where I don't walk away empty. I know somebody will respond with a but I prayed for times like this to rock like this and be in demand like this.... but did you prepare for times like this to rock like this ....Mentally? Did you know that what you were consuming before would not be healthy in this new season? Well before I write a whole book let me just challenge to start evaluating what you consume!!! I'm talking your food, I'm talking people, and business ventures all of it because everything on your plate is not for you to EAT!!! Repeat after me, I will NOT USE ME UP and neither will the things I consume!

Love yall-

R. Rene'




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