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Honestly, there is only 1 YOU!

Greetings Peeps and Happy Tuesday!!

It is still cold in most places around the USA and I don't like it. Weather tends to play a major part in our moods and the way we move so I am sending many positive vibes and energy to your city as I type. Real talk, I pray that you stay warm and productive! Wind chills and gyms don't go together in my world. #fixitjesus

Anyhow......Have you ever found yourself in comparison mode? On your job? In your business? Or aspiring business or goals? Have you ever had an idea that you had not yet shared with anyone and the moment you prepare to share with a person , that person begins sharing their new endeavor that is literally directly related to what you have going on?

If you answered yes, how do you handle it? What are your initial thoughts? How does it make you feel? Do you change your position or goal because of this news? Do you feel defeated in advance? I really want to know! I find myself in these situations often due to my move in silence mantra and simply because I have a lot of associates and friends within my network who are doing amazing things. I had an encounter recently, where I found myself irritated at a person for jumping in my business lane without notice. I never once compared, but I immediately began questioning my goal and if it were still MY goal all because someone else now had a similar goal. I was literally ready to put my hard work to the side and give that person all of my plans all because I questioned if it were still for me. I know, I know it sounds crazy right? But if you can be honest for one small minute I bet in some way shape or form you can relate to this. It may not be business, it can be clothes, it can be a hairstyle, resources and it can even be the way you talk! At some point in your adult life you have felt like someone was trying to one up you or all out copy your style and moves. #judgenot (This is an honesty segment, so log off now if you can't handle the heat or you aren't willing to be this transparent on your own journey)

All in the matter of moments I became irritated, resentful and thoughts were going 1000 miles per minute. Now what is he/she going to think when I release my written vision to a bigger audience....what will they think? Do I share now that this has been 4 years in the making or do I remain silent and share the joy with this person for finding their lane or something they are now passionate about? This friends was a tough moment! should it be? After some thought I realized it was not a tough moment was a moment of clarity and a great place to deal with self and who GOD created me to be and WHAT he Created me to do. This is a great place to immediately be reminded that THERE IS ONLY 1 YOU!!! Many people may have similar quests but there is something special about each and every one of us! Same Gift, Different Purpose. What if Dewayne Wade was to create a false jealousy or have the fear of his game being copied? He and LeBron would not have won the championship. Same gift, different uses. See there are things that each of them can do that the other cannot. They were once rivals and became team mates and were able to do some things that people had not seen in basketball in years. Why? Because they understood what it meant to share the same gift and work together but it likely did not come without challenge.

See this is the level of transparency that is needed for us all to walk into our divine purpose. So what somebody else is doing it or wants to do it. As long as they aren't using your name and what you have built without permission there is absolutely nothing the same about you!! Sidebar: Get your stuff trademarked!! Do not create false jealousies and start to view everyone as a copycat or someone who can't let you live or shine....They aren't all haters....... and single white females/males....sometimes you all just merely like the same things! How you use your gift and how you allow your mind to work when connecting with others with shared interest can determine the level of success you obtain. Don't get so caught up on what YOU can do that you forget the POWER in what WE can DO!!

Go be great, Check your spirit and LIVE mentally free just as creative as you always have been! Remember there is no one like you , GOD only created one Rochonda Rene' and I plan to keep making this name great 1 gift at a time and you should too!

Love y’all!


PS. I also got to the root cause of my initial thoughts. See I had a summer initiative few years ago and I gave it name. A few years later a close friend took the name of my initiative and oddly made it her Brand. So this recent situation was a trigger and a reminder though there was no ill intent... It was a classic case of is this the same thing .... You must know yourself enough to know why you think and feel the way you do when you encounter things....This is what I call Self-Care 101 and Growth 2.0...... Know the fine lines of your vision who to share it with and who to keep from!!

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