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Self-Care 2.0

Happy Tuesday Friends!

I hope that each of you are having a great day on this awesome Tuesday and if not I pray that today's share will encourage you do to do something you LOVE and take a moment to refuel and reset the vision you have for your life overall.

I had an opportunity this past weekend to do a few things that I love..... I got lost around town on a local date with myself shopping for home goods and I ate a cinnamon roll.....

I did a facial, took a bubble bath while the sounds of the Old Tweet album put the extra chill on my chill...

I went to church but I did not serve, I simply went to worship....

I spent time with my friends and extended family to celebrate life, love and relationship.....

All of these things in no special order brought Joy to my days in some way all weekend long. I realized that not many people give themselves the opportunity to just be. I wrote about leaving room a few weeks back, I mentioned doing things for the right reasons on several occasions but today I want to talk about doing things for YOU! Self-Care has become a trend ...and if I am honest I hate it. I hate it because I think people are forgetting the true meaning of caring for self. Self-care does not mean doing more actually means doing LESS. It means taking a PAUSE, looking in the mirror and reminding yourself that you exist. It means taking off work, releasing the timed schedule, hustle and bustle of the day to just breathe and be present with you. Now before I start getting emails back saying that's not true sis, Self-care to me is blah blah ... Let me stop you here and say I know.... The form of self-care by which you choose to practice is totally up to you. I just urge you to stop piling things on your day and calling it Self-Care Saturday knowing darn well when you finish you always remain both tired and mentally defeated. After all I did over the weekend, I woke up Monday feeling renewed and recharged ready to conquer the week. It was an unexplained sense of peace that had come over me ......and then I remembered I took a little time for me this weekend and it worked. I urge each of you today to examine your moves, your motives and your dealings. Look over all those planned activities and ask yourself. DO I have to do this? Do I want to do this? Do I need to do this? How does being a part of this benefit my health, my wealth or my mental being? It is perfectly fine to gracefully decline! I promise the show will go on and you will feel just as a part of any missed moment through the recap and plenty of photos. (People don't move in silence anymore, it will be on the internet)

We live in a time where being busy is cute and being productive is just OK.... I choose to simply Be Intentional and that includes my time with others and my time with self and you should too!!

This week, Find your Zen, Have your moment, Breathe, Sit, Rest, and Stop Thinking for just a second and watch how your heart responds to your moves.....everything that comes after is amazing! I promise I love me some me and there is never a dull moment with the time we spend!

Have an amazing week!

R. Rene'-


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