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Remembering Love~

Happy Tuesday!!

For those of you who read yesterday's blog ...consider today a bonus entry! :)

As I rode into work today, I found myself praying through the rain, laughing with friends, singing as loud as I could. Traffic came to an immediate stop due to weather conditions. Still singing and sitting, I do the inevitable and pick up my phone... I know I know no phones while driving. (FYI, I was at a complete stop)

I picked up the phone and there was a google alert, “This day February 2016" ...curious I click the alert and immediately pictures from some of the happiest moments of my life appear. There were pictures of me and my nieces and nephews, videos of weekend fun with lots of friends and if I might add I looked amazing. My skin was glowing, my edges were laid and you could just tell all was good with my soul. I kept scrolling same month same year and came across a picture of my late grandmother Willie Lou Woodard. She had a smile on her face even though she was bed restricted and had little words , I scrolled some more and there was this picture of my hand over hers and her hand over her heart and immediately I remembered the LOVE that came with being raised by such a strong queen like her. To think even with all she endured she lived another two years after that picture to the date. Funny how time can change a thing ,but there's one thing that TIME can never take from you or from me ....and that's the love that accompanies our memories. This week on 2/15/19 will mark 1 year from the day she transitioned but the love we shared on 2/15/16 all the way back to 5/27/80 will live with me forever and ever. I want to encourage each of you to REMEMBER LOVE this week!!!! On our worst days we have so much to be grateful and joyful for! There was once a LOVE set on fire that you would be born to continue to maintain a flame of Life and a legacy of LOVE for generations to come by both those who birthed you and those that surround you. Don't let one day make you miss the LOVE mark purposely etched in your heart forever! You got Love, Look around you!!

Have an amazing afternoon, I love you all!!

Chonda xoxo


Happy Valentine's day!!

R. Rene Woodard

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