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Faith + Optimism

Happy Friday!!!

I have been trying to find the words to share with you all for the past few weeks......I started writing a powerful note about the purpose of holding patterns and delays. Then I said nah we been down that road ....I thought about getting everyone excited and hype for the end of the year, holidays and jumping into those new goals early. But NO that was not it either. As I was sitting on my conference call this afternoon and listening to how we as an organization did all year long and the optimism the President of the company shared as we approach the close of 2018 and the exciting new clients we have at the start of 2019 it hit me that this is what you all needed to hear today.

What you need to hear is this..... God loves you..... This year was Awesome despite some losses and challenges and milestones that have yet to be met but overall WE DID great and What's on the horizon for next year is even BIGGER and BETTER than the present. Tell yourself that! I know it was not an easy year, I know you have not felt your best and things did not always go the way you wanted them to but guess what, you have survived and you will continue to SURVIVE! Don't focus on what's NOT focus on what “IS" now and what "IS" to come in the future. The gift of optimism is not used as much as it should be. See we walk in faith but do we always think or speak in faith ... What does walking in faith look like when your thoughts, worry and concern, words do not speak in faith. I walk by faith and not by sight ----requires the strong determination to follow GOD's plan no matter what life throws your way. While optimism is the attitude that accompanies you along that walk that says no matter what you throw my way it’s going to be ok and with faith, by faith you keep on walking.....What all of this is saying is that it does NOT matter what it looks like today ...the 7th day of December or yesterday or last month but all that matters is where we are today and what we can be hopeful for in the future ....that's optimism. Our president said hey ....we may not be where we anticipated in dollars today but those big deals that were not signed yet still have room to make the Dec 31st cut or at latest early January which still leaves room to be excited. That same message applies to your life, your dreams, your desires, your goals and aspirations. YOU can get excited knowing that if you remain hopeful that your heart nor your barrels will end up half full. Stay the course this season, be of good cheer and know you survived for a reason and there is still time in this present moment for your life to change in unimaginable ways!! And if for some reason it does not happen by 12/31/18.....that just means you have more to look forward to in 2019!

Stay present, Keep your head up and ride the wave upward and onward my luvs!

Tis is Truly the Season xoxo

Have an amazing holiday!!!

R. Rene'

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