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Happy Monday!

Greetings Peeps!!!

Its Monday.....Locked in....Focused and ready to take on some goals or nah? I say or NAH because 1. The kids say it (The kids teach me this stuff) 2. Because if we are honest we sometimes just don't feel like it. This week I am glad to say that despite my hesitation and tiredness I am hyped about knocking out some goals because the days are sliding past me pretty quick! My prayer today is that each of you reading today will be encouraged to live more, create balance and truly care for yourself as we knock down the remainder of year 2018.

I found myself this weekend running nonstop from one state to another from plane to car to weddings and games and carving in just a little time for rest and relaxation when time allowed it. At one moment my phone was on charger not in my hand, the TV and computer was off and I was simply laying across the bed looking at the ceiling, resting my bones and being one with self wholeheartedly. For a split second it was not about where I came from nor was where I was headed it simply about me, being present and that comfy terry cloth robe and my propped up feet! Many things crossed my mind, but a few random questions to self-stuck out more than others...

The first thing that crossed my mind was Happiness and where does it really come from for me as I pondered I realized that for me personally My happiness is tied to my freedom ... The freedom I have to come and go as I please, to create a lane of my own and my ability to feel, embrace and GIVE love and encouragement to those both far and near that I call family and/or friend. All of that makes me happy! The second thing that crossed my mind was about Life in general....I recall my elders saying things like " Keep Living " you will experience this or that......and in my younger days I had 0 clue what that meant....Now in the new era people say things like " Yo, u living" or " Keep Living " as a sign of endearment or a term to throw one kudos for living such a life or way that could be admirable. For me I realized that when people say things like that to me directly I don't take it as a Kudos or that I am doing anything bigger or more grand than the next but as an encouragement to simply keep being me .....Keep living unapologetic, bold and daring because everyone else though capable does NOT always do so. The last thing that dropped in my spirit as I laid there very last but not least was " Should I just keep laying here or what" It was a NAH that day because I had made a commitment and my word is my word but on some days the answer is YES, lay there, stay there, enjoy the moment with self and simply reflect! You will get up with a Fresh wind and the ability to move at a different pace than the minutes before believe me!

My challenge to you today is simple.... Take some time to reflect and hear your own voice .ask yourself Where does my true happiness come from? And determine if you are really happy from the inside/out. Ask yourself “Am I living”, “Am I being true to myself”, “Am I living a life that I would be pleased with or just existing and busy for no reason? See I don't know about you but I talk to myself often and the conversations are super blessings to my soul because when you are always on the move doing things for other people with other people by other people you often times forget about yourself forget your own thoughts, beliefs and these reflective moments become necessary for me and they should be for you too! You know YOU better than anyone else.....consult with your thoughts from time to time.....and not the negative ones... not the discouraging ones but the thoughts about life , the thoughts about your present and the good in it and the ending of the negative if any slides in unwanted. Choosing a life of joy, peace, love and happiness is a choice my friends...... If it's always a struggle...If it’s always tough find the fix but start with YOU! Your time on earth should not be full of unhappiness when you are the executive producer, creative director, and lead writer in the script!

I love you with my whole-heart today and always,

Be encouraged friends!!

R. Rene Woodard

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