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Super Power!

Greetings Peeps!!!

Omg, it’s been aalmost a month since my last check-in so I pray that each of you are doing great on this awesome Monday! I laughed when I typed awesome because sometimes I use words like Awesome, Amazing and Great even when all hell is breaking loose because it reminds me that it could be worse and there is still room for the day to be just that darn good! So I encourage you even before reading the rest of this blog to think of what is GOOD and hold on to that as often as possible to help you along the way this week. I’m alive It’s Awesome , I can type That’s amazing , I have a voice and that alone makes life great!!! Remember whatever you are facing it could be worst my luvs! I guess that’s a great way to intro today’s share…

The past 3 weeks have been very busy for me …funerals, work, flights and a whole house move have taken place. Somewhere along the way I hurt my back, but it has not stopped me from getting things done. I realized this morning that there is a certain superpower in people that have the ability to push through situations, hardships and rapid movement while in pain. See not everybody can handle loss without it shutting everything around them down, not many people can handle change without a timeout or transition period yet sometimes life comes at us fast and we just don’t have time to be “ready” or “ prepared”. This forces us to be quick on our toes in most cases and simply adapt or retreat. The week before last I witnessed one of my best friends face one of the hardest moments of her life with the untimely loss of her mother. I mean were talking good and well one week and GONE before the next week rolls around again. As I watched her handle the sudden life change that took place I watched her turn on what I call the “superpower” or “Jesus juice” and handle it with such a positive posture despite the pain. As I stood by her side that week it reminded me of other moments of loss that I have personally experienced this year and the people like her and also my mom that truly have a grace for pushing through despite how they feel on the inside. I wonder how pleased GOD would be with each of us today if we simply learned to PUSH through the things that don’t feel good without complaint or falling apart. Now don’t get me wrong it is necessary to grieve some losses and the time for that is its own but there are times where we walk in complaint, negative chatter and more all because we are in pain or hurt and during that time nothing gets done.

I want to encourage you all today to tap into your super power. We all possess this super power pack on the inside. When we speak life to it, when we wipe our own tears and seek GOD in prayer he begins to recharge our inner battery pack and it makes us stronger and stronger despite the pain we should feel. I always commended people like Kobe Bryant who would play a game and knock down 40 points in a game in pain. It made the task harder but he pushed and he turned that good reserve pack to carry him throughout the game …After the game he would soak in ice, see doctors and take medications to assist him on his off days until he could get the surgery needed to repair his ailments. Some of you are making your current situations worse because you are not pushing through on game day….You spend more time looking at your hurt and pain and awaiting therapy day rather than riding the pain wave until your off day!!! I say it often but it’s true…. What you are going through could be so much worse!!! Don’t lay down during the season that GOD is calling you to charge up your reserve tank and get things done. There is a time to live, there is a time to die and there is a time to sit and a time to move. You can cry when you get in the shower tonight or during your rehab session but during the working hours , daylight, game time or whatever time you are called you will CHOOSE to show up and PLAY your heart out pain or NOT!!! Prove your haters wrong, show yourself how strong you really are and don’t stop until you are where you need to be or done with that to do list!!! We have work to do!!! 78 days left in 2018 and still enough time to change your scenery, revive your spirit and do a good work!! You have the power to get it done despite the things that look and feel like obstacles and setbacks.

Are you ready to use your super power or nah???

Let’s PUSH through together and remember somebody somewhere is praying on your WIN behind the scenes. We know it hurts we see it, we know you have no clue How but we recall the days you spoke so highly of your WHY! You GOT THIS!

Love you all with my wholeheart!!

R. Rene’





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