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Privacy Laws

Monday blog share so here you all are with me going up on a Tuesday!!

August is well on its way and hopefully so are you as we approach the close of a wonderful summer season.

The past few weeks I've found myself sharing more with friends and family, being more open and honest (yes, even more lol) , loving more, giving more and just embracing the spirit of MORE but not without wisdom and sound intention . In doing so, I realized something about us...... We (The African American Community) have a problem with being open because our personal transparency has been married to the “Privacy law" established in the generations before us called “I don't want everybody in my business". So we find ourselves getting the short end of the stick or providing such to others because we are private. This privacy law syndrome is one of the main things holding a lot of folks back from the progress needed to live a full whole and healthy life. People cannot help you if they have no clue you need help!

Today I want to challenge you to break a cycle in your family, with your children, with your friends and loved ones by simply sharing your truth. It's only attractive to present like you have it all together when you actually got it all together! I get so upset these days because there are many people in my family alone who could still be alive today if they only spoke up or shared a lot sooner when it came to their struggles, their well-being or health overall. My Aunt was battling a cancer solo in another state ...we found out 3 weeks before she passed that her condition was as bad as it was yet she spoke to many people in our family daily. How did we not know? ... My uncle suffered from Chronic Heart Failure..... For a year he took himself to hospitals and emergency rooms when he did not feel well.... It was not until 8 months prior to his passing that we the family found out just how bad off he was because he did NOT share. It's a cycle and we do it not just with health but overall.

We are afraid to share when our finances are low for the sake of being broke or talked about or feeling like people don't need to know that much ...but what if those same people have the means to bless you in your season of lack without question? Oh let's chat about the ones not excelling on the job and on the verge of losing employment and because you don't want to share with anyone your struggle .......the recruiter, friend of friend, church member, person you met in airport etc. cannot even provide you with the number or resource you need to assist with your challenge! Like it burns me up on the inside that even when mental health plagues us so deeply in many ways that we as a culture choose to suffer in silent and never once tell our doctors that hey I don't always feel like myself......I cry often....I have headaches..... I am angry and I don't know why..... I sleep a lot...simply because you don't want to be labeled depressed and/or anxious.....or wait because therapy is weak?

I want to encourage someone today to STOP it with the privacy law..... The rules of it do NOT apply to YOU in 2018. I am here to tell you today August 14, 2018 that the privacy law cycle has ended and is permanently expired with no reinstatement date. You no longer have to suffer in silence or be prideful about your needs. There are people that have been strategically placed near you to bless you! Sometimes the answer to your prayers are sitting right under your nose but you don't even know it because you have been silenced by your struggle in fear of judgement. Welcome to no Judgement ZONE, where we all WIN if we SPEAK UP!

Face your truths today..... Yes “ truths” because you have more than one truth to bare~ and if you watch queen sugar at the advice of Aunt Vi “Come to yourself" ....whatever that means to you!! Thanks KK for the reminder!!

Live out loud this week on purpose~

Share your tears, for they are the water that aids in the growth of the seeds you planted long ago!

Love you all with my wholeheart, R-

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