• R. Rene'

I'm Back!

Greetings Peeps!!

It’s Monday!!!

I swear Monday hits each week like “Hey girl Hey” Back like I never left!! Lol But if I am honest this morning I’m just grateful to be alive, grateful to see, feel and breath a new day and my hope as I said last week is that we would change the way we view Mondays!

So about the last paragraph…..It says Monday on purpose because that’s as far as I got yesterday and I stopped writing when a call came through and from there my day was taken over by things.

As I went to erase the “Monday” to start over …something said “Don’t erase it” just pick up where you left off. In doing so it hit me ….. This paragraph is powerful in itself without any profound or deep words because it is a representation of finishing what I started. I know it may seem small to you like I mean, Chonda you did not write but 4 lines , 2 sentences why is that so powerful!? It is powerful because I picked up where I left off without erasing or making changes to what/where I started. Many times we start things, get into situations and before we can move on or finish what we started we go back try and erase some of the things of the past, change something just to showcase perfection when the power really lives in your ability to let where you started propel you to the future by simply picking up where you left off…..

For the sake of a good hashtag and some youthful energy I’ll call these moments BACK LIKE I never left moments! These are the times where your transition is seamless and you just jump back in and go get what you came for or do what you were supposed to do back when you first started the journey, the blog, the book, the resume, the job search, the relationship ….Stop digging the well to dwell on what was and focus on what is and make your presence feel familiar but new. Kind of like the story in the bible you know when the prodigal son went away for a bit and when he came back home his father made no mention of his absence he picked up where he left off….. That my friends is encouragement by itself to know that there is no harm or judgement in simply moving forward from where you are despite what has happened or what got you off course in the first place.

One of the things I love about writing is the ability to edit AFTER it’s done (Thank you lord) ……It’s called Spell Check … You get to see the document or paragraph as a whole, the finished product. See if you spend too much editing along the way ….you aren’t maximizing your time effectively but if you finish it , spell check the entire thing you can get a more quality product overall without losing the essence of where you began. Now for those of you that got that , Apply it to your life… out here making all these edits and changes never finishing anything do yourself a favor and simply keep going and let GOD do the edits when you finish it!

Be great on purpose!




“Do not allow people to paralyze you with your past”- R. Rene’

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