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Birthing Seasons

Greetings Peeps!!

I hope this message finds each of you with well spirits this wonderful Tuesday morning.

Before my morning meditation today I was sharing with my sister just how crazy it is to see ideas and things that I may have thought of or had some level of premonition about years ago come to life through someone else. I found myself experiencing several different emotions in the matter of minute. In full transparency my first thought was wow, I really dropped the ball on that how disappointed is GOD in me for not executing. My second thought was how amazing is it that GOD would think so highly of me to even give me said things so far in advance and my last and final thought was that of inspiration and encouragement to never let it happen again. See I can be honest and say I have always had a problem with the creative birthing process. I would literally get an idea ( Conception) , Accept, Create and Build a business plan ( 1st trimester) , Share the information and establish key players for support ( 2nd Trimester- Other people start to see it and feel the plan in action) Create Marketing materials, partnership listings and set financial budgets to support the vision and plan for the execution and set dates ( 3rd trimester) . Around the 3rd trimester something always happened. There would either be a delay or complication of some kind that would eventually lead to a miscarriage or premature birth! For those of you that are mothers or fathers that have witnessed the birthing process then you know that this my friends is no easy task for any person involved and the same concept proves true when birthing your dreams and desires that live so deeply within.

You feel every inch of the process, the ups and downs, good days, bad days, morning sickness (you know the one where you still have to clock in your 9-5 because that thing you are working on just has not quite taken shape yet.... Yep all of that is a part of the birthing process and we should look at those as contractions. There's those light , false alarm contractions but then there's the ones that hit you so hard at times that signals it's time to move's time to deliver. Some people wait until their water breaks to go to the hospital and get in the position because they don't have the patience to sit through 5, 10 or 20 hours of labors while others go the minute the 1st hard contraction hits. While there is no right or wrong time to MOVE when it comes to your ideas, dreams and aspirations it is important to pay attention to the signs and the time! How far apart are the contractions??? Is it something that is happening over and over again that can possibly be telling you it's time to GO ....minutes apart or seconds? Did your water break at an impromptu time with no bag packed, no ride to hospital all of that so you feel lost and without help? See the correlation.....The same steps and stages take place in our minds, on our jobs and in our everyday moves as we ponder over the when to press the Green Button towards your Goals. Birthing is said to be both painful and rewarding all in one..... Imagine something that may cause you tremendous pain being yet something that will change your life forever. To grow and evolve requires the same strength and resilience.

I want to encourage you today to embrace your birthing season!!! Don't be like the old me.....having an amazing idea or concept and allowing it to fail due to mishandling ( miscarriage) or prematurely because you did not seek wise counsel before sharing that idea or plan with a " friend" , " partner" or loved one. I am the biggest fan of the whole team winning and most times I would try and take everybody with me. It was not until I realized I could NOT take everyone on the ride during that season that I started to feel more emotionally stable during the process. Keeping only those persons who speak life without knowing all the details and the ones that pray for you behind the scenes as your body changes and your moves change because of what you are carrying! See everybody can't handle you the way you need to be handled when you are pregnant! Your sense of awareness is heightened, taste-buds are different and things you use to like you no longer like and only people that understand what it takes to make it through those 3 stages will be able to ride with you. When I realized this I had less stillbirth dreams, more full term aspirations and many well nurtured first years in both my personal and professional endeavors.

I charge you today to execute on that thing you have been wanting to do...the thing GOD told you to start, finish or do a long time ago. If it's old, re-dig the well and treat it like Apple and breakout with the 10.0 version of your dream because if he gave it to you it’s still your responsibility to do it no matter how many other people are doing it, no matter how many times it looked like you could not carry it to term ...if it's in his will it will get done my friend ...Believe me... I am both witness and participant of his promises and plans and I am ready to see all my friends and family walk through Birthing seasons with a different confidence , a different attitude and tolerance because in the end it will be worth it!!

I hope this message helps someone the way it helped me this morning!

Be inspired, Be intentional, Be authentic!

Ps. I could have broken this thing down even further but I know y'all get me!! Lol

Love ya with my whole-heart~


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