• R.Rene'

Happy Monday!

Good-morning Family!!

I pray that each of you had a wonderful holiday week and weekend!! It's Monday!!

A day that most hate to see coming while others look to it as a day to return back to the money , back to the business! I just want to take a minute and drop a quick note. See Monday Blogs are kind of like Monday workouts, if you get it done on Monday the rest of the week will be easy breezy! :)

I had an opportunity to go on a bit of a stay-cation an hour or so away from home this past Saturday night and honestly do nothing. I had so many plans for 7/7/18. Picnics, visiting friends in New York , a road trip and some serving duties at the church. I went and served and then my day took a turn and before I knew it I missed the picnic , the trains to NYC were far and few ( no express train, if you know me then you know this is a big deal lol) and the plans simply began to change on its own and I was OK with that. I can recall times in the past where plans would change and I would get upset or disappointed but I don't do that anymore and you shouldn't either. Think of a change of plans as an opportunity or set-up for something else.

Today I want to encourage someone who may be fighting the spirit of change with these simple words " CHANGE is not always personal".

Change is Growth

Change is Business

Change is Love

Change is sometimes necessary yet we allow it to cause us unnecessary anxiety, discontentment and pain along the journey. I have always been a firm believer of the " If it ain't broke don't try and fix it" methodology . That was until I realized that sometimes even if its not broken there could be a more efficient or new way to do a thing that will possibly create a SAVINGS in my life. That change may save me some time, save me some heartache and/or save me some money if what accompanies CHANGE has the power to help us why do we push it away so much? For example, a company begins to change leadership staff, your boss gets let go and now you have NEW management and due to your comfort level established with the OLD you rebel against the NEW and begin to look for another job ....NOT taking into consideration that when you take the NEW JOB you will be working under NEW management anyway so the change gets you the same result...... so I ask was the weight of the original change so heavy that you created more Change for yourself when you already don't like Change. It is truly a crazy cycle that people go through day in and day out all because they don't like change....We have to learn that it's not personal and truly look at the big picture in every area of our life that seems to be changing right before our eyes. Dig Deeper for an understanding before you make any sudden moves. Whatever area of life is calling for CHANGE that you don't like or agree with assess it and ask is this personal? is this growth? is this change being made in love ? Am I saving something? I promise looking at the change through this type of lens

will show you something different about YOU and about the CHANGE that you are up against!!

Be great on purpose and Have an amazing week!!

Love ya!!!

R. Rene'

PS. I had an entirely different share today but somebody needed this change bug to start the work week off right!! I'm back so more to come soon.





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