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Hey Peeps!!

How are you!?? I'm finally back in the groove again post travels and reset on the home turf! So much has happened! From spending the last days of 37 with views of the Cyclades and amazing European ventures to returning the US of A, 38 years old, fatigued, an infection that took me out like strep, some body aches that reminded me I was not 21 anymore, some low Vitamin D and a mountain of commitments! Can Vacations last longer??? Please!?

Nonetheless, that my friends is why I am just getting around to a Post Whole 38 Check-in! My prayer is that each of you have remained active the past 2 weeks and seriously taken on a life of intention and peace! I want to take a minute a share a few things that have been on my mind lately!! Relationships, Addictions, Changes in Appearance, Eternity..... What I'll call RACE for the sake of a CHONYM "A CHONDA inspired Acronym” and today's blog!

Relationships--- Don't take it personal! The older we get the more “personal" people take the actions of others and they should not. Life happens and we have to learn to respect others in their time of what may look like awkwardness or “newness" to you. See I have learned that everyone does not handle things the same. For example, if there is a death in my family or close circle I may personally opt to pray, grieve and work while someone else may choose to check-out. While neither may be healthy it is at the personal discretion of the person to handle things the way they do so word of advice on this good Monday..... Leave people alone and stop pushing them to think, smell, and breathe and handle things like you. It's not fair and personally you don't have that authority over their life so stop trying! That goes for death, relationships, business and everything in between, stay in your lane, be respectful and don't take it personal.

Addictions- You know people think because they are not on drugs and alcohol they don't have addictions ....when in reality , we all do in some way, shape or form. See addiction is just a bad word for ”Habit" , " dependency" or " problem" if you think about it that way, we all have habits. Some good habits and Some Bad Habits. I want to encourage someone today to simply get to the ROOT of their habit or problem. If the problem is finances, what are you addicted to that is affecting your finances? If the addiction or habit is complaining but you have a desire for positive energy ...figure out what causes your complaint.... Some people are addicted to social media...YEP , I said it ....Not knocking anyone but I tell you this I have seen it do a lot of good and I have seen it cause lots of pain to the ordinary person with a good healthy life because the quest for more or validation increased. Don't let your addictions attack the areas of your life that are the most fragile. On a lighter note that goes for chocolate and sweet addictions too....I'm just saying! Get to the root and remember whatever you let go of, GOD will control! That means all of those “I can't seem to control" moments........ Let it go, God's saying I'll take it off yam hand! (Thanks Jonathan :)

Changes in Appearance- This is for both men and women. .... Summer time is here and guess what some of us just are not summer body ready yet and we may not be until next year ( notice I said WE) I just wanna say that as we get older our looks start to change and it's totally OK! Embrace it and Age gracefully! Recently , my freckles that I have had all of my life have reared there head and now everyone seems to " see" them they are extremely visible....and I feel so juvenile sometimes like uhhhh yeah they've been here and it use to make me feel weird if I am honest. Silly right, it's just freckles but it’s true. It was not until I began to embrace this aging that at 38 that I can say I am good with how GOD has allowed me to age gracefully and you should be too! No matter your size, shape or imperfections GOD sees them as perfect! Rock it out and if you are totally unhappy Change IT! You OWN your happiness! #whole38 #wellnessmanna

Eternity- Where time has no end.... Forever is in your heart. I struggled with making the E for emotions or eternity because EMOTIONS make you cry sometimes....but I went with eternity because in a world where things constantly change and people constantly switch up on ya forever can seem impossible and very far away. I want to remind someone today that FOREVER is a state of mind, it lives in your heart and even when you can't FEEL it's still there. Eternity is timeless....think about that piece of jewelry that never tarnishes, the simple black slip dress or loafers that you have owned for the past 10 years but get new compliments each time you wear it that's the the type of HOPE that I wish for you ...the timeless for eternity kind of air that won't prevent you from experiencing life and its abundant offerings.

This first week of July I say spread forever love, embrace change, respect others and release bad habits. This “RACE" is yours, create the day, week, month, year, life you wish to live and do it unapologetically understanding that we all are a work in progress. There is no perfect antidote but there is perfection in embracing your imperfection and working on it! Run at your own PACE!

Love ya!!!

R. Rene-




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