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Day 38- We made it!

Wifi on the plane for the win!!!

Greetings Peeps!!

Can you believe it’s been 38 days already!!! I am more than excited about what GOD has done through us mentally and physically over the past few weeks. I had every intention on sending a message regarding friendship on May 22nd but the way my inter-island travel was set up during vacation I was unable to do so. I want to thank those of you that really took the time to read the emails, subscribe to the website and apply these concepts and challenges the past few weeks on a quest to becoming WHOLE in different areas of life. I know 38 days seems like a lot but honestly it was simply the beginning of a lifestyle change for us all. I personally know it is not easy to keep up with something virtually like this so to each of you I say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! To those of you who may have tuned in late or who chose not to read or follow-along I thank you also because I know in my heart that something I shared will be beneficial to you in the future and those archived writings will very well come in handy! :)

Today is also my 38th Birthday ….and I have never felt better! I have finally made it to a point in my life where I am unapologetic about this version of Rochonda Rene Woodard and it feels amazing! I no longer feel obligated to do things that I don’t want to do. I can’t be bullied or pressured into things and decisions that don’t contribute to my greater good or life purpose. I have finally come to grips with my past in a way that has allowed me to forgive both myself and others without paralyzing my pursuit of present. My closed heart is now open to receive the same love I so freely give and I am shifting gears in my professional and personal endeavors in order to follow suit! See people (family and friends) will sometimes make you feel bad for not being married or having children at this age……To them I say God’s timing is and will be perfect just keep watching. I’m finally ok with not having that child in my early 20’s and getting married prematurely to men who were not designed specifically for me just to suffice others and lose myself. See that’s the kind of freedom I prayed for over each of you the past 38 days. The freedom to speak out , share your story without regret and despite the response of others. The kind of freedom that will push you to jump into your gifts and just do you! I may not have always sent emails or daily challenges while on vacation but I was praying. I was praying diligently for your health, wealth, your legacy, relationships, your mind and ability to make sound decisions and more. There were days I could not sleep and as much as I would like to blame it on the time zone changes I am sure it was bigger than that because the thoughts and concerns of my mind made my head hurt.

(Side note: There is somebody reading these weekly, you have not walked or exercised, you did not even attempt the mental or physical challenges and you are truly having a hard time with life itself. Whomever you are if you do not get a grip and take your power back soon you are going to lose your mind and everything you have worked very hard for! I don’t know who that is for but whichever reader it is please do yourself a favor and team up with somebody who can help you get over the depression hump, the pity party and break the cycle be it generational curse or self-inflicted once and for all.)

After a few nights I felt the burdens being lifted, I felt prayers being answered and I felt freedom for both me and for you! What I did realize this go round is that a wellness journey of this kind takes maturity. Being WHOLE sounds good to many, but it is only a good choice to those who can handle it and who are ready!

My last and final challenge for you today is to simply LIVE.

Mind- Live WHOLE, Live FREE, Live INTENTIONALLY!! Let no moment of your life not serve its best for you. I further pray that adopting the 1 mile per day habit and 38 minute work-outs has stirred up a fitness shift in you, that the fasting days created some clarity in your life and eliminating excessive waste on the inside/out. I pray that you have forgiven someone, that you connected with an old friend or loved one the old fashion way and that you took necessary steps to loving yourself, getting accountability partners or therapist and developed a new found interest in living a happy life.

Body- Take care of it!! It only works if you work it! ( I stood on the scale in Greece this morning and I still have work to do too)

Love ya!!




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