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Whole 38-Update

Whole 38

Greetings luvs, did you miss me? So after a very long and productive mother's day weekend and some international travel my days got really crazy and I failed to hit send on several emails. Nonetheless, the Whole38 journey continues even abroad and we only have 11 days left! I hope you all are pushing towards the mark to reach your 38 miles as well and to simply be WHOLE. Those fit bit steps count too!!

Life on Autopilot can be one of the most dangerous things you could do to yourself. ..I know because I do it often. It's a routine, I fill every part of my day , leaving no room for anything and one day it hit me ...There is so much more to life than work, sleep, eat , repeat and that's when I made the change. From feeling obligated , committed and tired to living intentional, free and on purpose. I had to break the cycle of busy and increase my life productivity! For the next few days I challenge each of you to break the routine. Break the predictable habits and shake things up a bit. The change you have been waiting on starts with you but there are some hidden toxins and things that still remain in our lives that we have yet to acknowledge. Acknowledge them ,let it go and LIVE again!!! I know your schedule works for you and you are busy....believe me I get it.... I know what's comfortable always seems like the best option but if your comfort level is attached to bad habits and choices you have to be willing to sacrifice comfort for your own sanity, peace and growth. What can you do this week that you have never done before? What can you do that will help you get closer to your wellness goals!? What needs to be broken in your life so that you can be made whole again? This Whole 38 journey is truly a state of mind. Change your mind , Change your life!! Think about your routine are you happy with it? If not .......Change it, you owe it to yourself!

Mind- I will stop running in circles and break the life cycles that are not contributing to my personal success.

Body- 1 mile run/walk/jog, take a friend and try something new----- Confession I missed my steps/goal on yesterday due to travel but I will make up for it over the next few days in Italy a.d Greece.

Day 29-32- This weekend through Monday focus on Inner Beauty and Love!

We are fasting Saturday morning May 19th and Monday Morning May 21st----- Yes, I will be fasting overseas , the journey never stops!

Do at least 38 minutes of physical activity daily also to accompany that 1 mile daily target!

Since I am traveling abroad I am asking that each of you subscribe to if you have not already. All updates will be posted there. I will be sending Whole 38 messages via email on May 22nd, May 25th and May 27th ( Day 38 , :))





Love yall!!


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