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Whole 38- "Family Edition"

Day 22 - Day 24

"Family Edition"

Greetings Peeps and Happy Friday!!!

I would like to challenge everyone for the next few days to focus on family. Sometimes we get so immersed into our own world that we forget to reach out and touch family the old fashion way. I urge you to connect with one of your loved ones this holiday weekend. Mother's day can be an amazing day for most. It can also be a very hard day for those without mothers as well as those that are not mothers who have a desire to be. So it's only right that we join arms with our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, friends and children to shower one another with light , love and laughter over the few days.

For those of us blessed still to have a mother or mother figure in our life I urge you to not take the little moments for granted. Life happens fast and it can all change in the blink of an eye. I am grateful this year for the 94 years of grace and love my great grandmother was blessed to see and the 25 years I was blessed to enjoy her, I am grateful for the 84 years my dear grandmother was given on this side of heaven and the seeds of love and legacy she left behind before she transitioned and last but not least I am tremendously grateful that GOD blessed me with an amazing 60 year old mom in great health and spirit! Approach your family this weekend with Gratitude!! Look around and find something in each of them to be grateful for! You may not always agree or get along but at the end of the day they are your Family!

If you need to repair a relationship with your mom, sister, aunt, cousin this weekend do it!

Take a walk with a loved one around your old neighborhood for those traveling this weekend still looking to get some miles in! Go to a farmers market or local park with your family.

For those saying " I don't have any family" ---- My response- " What does FAMILY mean to you"----- now go connect with those who fit the description. Family is not always blood but you know that already! :)

Whatever you do, Don't do it alone because you don't have to! Surround yourself with the positive energy and allow it to fill the GAP of any missing pieces or voids you may fill over the next few days!

Have a great weekend!

Love you all and thank you for your continued support!


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