• R. Rene

Whole 38 - Day 21

Day 21

Mind- " Rejection is for my protection "

Body -- 1 mile required + an additional 38 minutes of physical activity ( Bike ride, yoga, exercise class) --- What ever your body has begun to reject on this journey ---- consider it protection. I promise you will survive without it!

Have you ever been rejected? Someone told you " No" , " denied your application" or decided you were not the selected candidate to the job? How did it make you feel? What was your response? As you think over the answers to those questions think about if that same thing that happened then were to happen today what you would say or how you would respond! See as we evolve the way we respond to things that do not work in our favor is important. I can recall my younger days where if I was told " No" or " Not selected" for a specific project, job, team or task I would cry , get sad , shut people out and have one of those good self-pity parties of " WHY ME" , " WHAT DID I DO WRONG" etc and totally loose sight of the bigger picture. I want to encourage someone today to rethink rejection. Rejection does not mean life is over and you can never have the position , the person , the car or the house you were after. It just means you cannot have that specific one at this time and that's ok! See we have to get into a place where rejection is looked at like protection ---- maybe the cost was too high and you would have suffered later? or could it be that there were some things about this person, school or thing that was written in the fine prints that could potentially interfere with your destiny or we can go a little further where you were settling a selling yourself short where a better company , better brand or more suitable bae that moves your soul was up next and to deny or reject you was the only way to ensure you would get it! I had to start looking at rejection as a blessing and there honestly has not been 1 time that what came after it was not bigger than I could ever imagine! Choose to change your narrative today , don't get upset or disappointed when you hear " NO" simply smile, say thank you and begin to prepare yourself for what's to come. Some doors are closed and locked while others are simply closed .....all you have to do is OPEN the right door.

If at first you don't succeed ....Dust yourself off and Try again! ( Smile)

Love you all and thank you for your continued support!


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