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Whole 38- Day 20

Day 20

Happy Wednesday!!

Can you all believe its day at 20 already!!!??? If you are still with me say OOOOWWWWW and major Kudos to you!

Word of the day - Faith

Mind- My Faith will take me further than my fear!!

Body- Turn it up a notch! Or maybe that's just for me, lol. I am pushing for no less than 2.5 miles today. With a busy day ahead I had to plan accordingly so I have 2 workouts for this evening both boot-camp and a nice walk/jog with one of my good girlfriends! Have you invited a friend to join you on the journey this month? Stay hydrated, look for ways to treat your body as good as you do the clothes you put on it!

One thing I have realized over the past few years is that many “talkers" don't understand “doers" and it's likely because they are scared or they lack belief in their ability to be able to do something as BIG or BRAVE as you. This type of “talk" can plant seeds of negativity on your vision and plans if you are not careful. Today, I am challenging you to stop sharing your vision and plans with people who don't respect the can do and will do in you. Actually , unless it is someone in a position to sow, support or show up for you when it all comes together then STOP sharing it with everyone period. I found this out the hard way a few years ago and became super frustrated with people who could not "SEE" plans and moves the way I did. I had to take in consideration that I was talking to people who were too scared to move, too scared to apply, too scared to ask and so forth and at that moment my life changed. I started keeping things to myself more, writing notes of my vision and plans with dates attached and watching them unfold in silence. See the way my faith was set up I believed things would happen even when others did not and that's what you have to do in order to stay the course! I made a huge decision recently and I had someone say "I know you mentioned it, but I had no clue it was this soon”... I just replied Yeah, sometimes you have to do what you gotta DO! Key word: DO (inserts wink)

Have a great day!

Love ya!

R. Rene '





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