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Whole38- Day 14

Day 14

Today's word: Attentive

Mind- " I will be more Attentive" ---- Pay attention to the people, places and things around you!

Body - My body is no longer a distant lover aren't you proud of yourself? Have you walked or ran today? Don't forget to end the week strong with your 1 mile jog/walk or run. If that's too hard, check your fit bit and count those steps? How many times have you left your desk today. I challenge you today to pay attention to what you put in your body! Be mindful of your selections today. If you are like me and you know that you may have to skip the gym a day or two in coming days then turn it up a notch this evening ...and pay attention to the May Calendar . We are fasting tomorrow 8am-12pm xoxo

There's no better way to say this ....We don't pay attention! From smartphones , modern day technology and more we have all in some way or another become severely distracted. We can't seem to focus on more than one thing at a time yet we try and at many times it fails us. On two separate occasions today I found myself thinking I was one step ahead of the game to find that I was actually a few steps behind and not being as attentive as I should be. The first incident happened when I opened my google calendar to find that some future international flight times were wrong. At first sight it showed the wrong times. Before digging any deeper regarding what I saw , I began to throw out smoke signals and abort mission text to my crew regarding our plans. But thank GOD for one attentive angel in my squad that politely gave me a call to remind me that the calendar I was viewing would always show times in my current time zone ....not the one I was traveling to. I immediately calmed down and replied I have to pay more attention next time. In a 2nd incident this afternoon, my calendar began giving me a 15 minute meeting notification. As to not be late without fully opening the notification I began to prepare and make my way to the meeting. I circled around the campus to grab the necessary parties so that we could walk over together to find they were nowhere to be found. Thinking I was possibly running behind , mind still full n focused on the work I just made my way over to the meeting location. When I arrived I was politely told by the receptionist that my meeting was not starting for an additional 30 minutes. In disbelief , I opened my email to find that the details stated the correct meeting time and reasoning behind the notification. See many times we are notified and we jump to put out fires , make a call , judgement or decision without knowing all the details because we fail to consider the present mentally to any of the things that led up to the deciding moment. We have to be careful in our dealings and remain present. Our lack of attentiveness can cause confusion , delay, anxiety , fear and more. On your ride home , pay attention , when your kids/spouse/parent speak pay attention! No matter what's in front of you PAY ATTENTION! Being attentive has the power to keep you PRESENT!

SN: If you notice in both situations as it related to the " TIME" I was so focused on the future when remaining present could have saved me. The present is a gift enjoy this season and let the timing of the future reveal itself in it's own season.

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