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Whole38- Day 13

Day 13

It's a new season, It's a new day!

Hello Good people! We are at Day 13 , can you believe it. Time moves fast when you are having fun!

Today's word: Shine

Mind- "I will let my light shine wherever I go"- Sometimes you have to encourage yourself with simple daily reminders. Today is one of those days where I want you to find your light and walk in it. Start by removing the toxins and lies that you have told yourself about your skills, abilities or place in life and then finish with removing the ones you have allowed your managers, exes, coworkers and other naysayers to impose on you. Sometimes we tend to dumb ourselves down by not what we hear but what we think about what we heard! ( Read that again) Today I want you to think over the Mind challenges of the past 12 days and add them together and embrace the freedom that accompanies the light that lives on the inside of you!

Body - What has your body said to you lately? Are you taking care of it? Not just through fitness and water intake alone but are you paying attention to the changes your skin goes through with each season. As you think over your daily regimens today add some more time to examine things on your body that are waiting to be fixed or repaired. Get a facial, Call your dentist, Get that pain in your hand or head checked out~ Fitness is only 1/2 the body battle. Don't forget to get your miles in or attend an exercise class of choice today! #healthiswealth #whole38 #skincheck :)

Ps. I started to send this earlier today before 12 noon but I got caught up with work and I'm so glad I did! One of the young ladies at my client side began to tell me during lunch about a few dilemmas she is having in her new role. She mentioned that she has not been speaking up as much over the past few months and she would contribute this behavior to a boss she worked under 6 years ago. Her exact words were " Before " Debbie" I would always volunteer or get involved but she made me feel as if I did not know what I was doing so I guess I let that shut me down and it carried over to this role"..... I could not help but to praise GOD for this moment of confirmation. The timing could not be more perfect as I reflect on whole38 and today's word SHINE! Not only was it confirmation on what I was led to share today but it also helped me give her the encouraging words needed to restore her zeal in the workplace!

Make today Amazing!!!

Love Ya!

R. Rene'





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