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Whole38- Day 12

Day 12

It's May and we are 12 full days into the Journey and I am excited to see what happens this month! Not just because it's my birthday month but because Whole38 has motivated so many people to

Do you have your calendar? Check it out if you are in the DMV area in coming days as we turn the fitness side of WHOLE38 up a notch over the next 2 weeks!

Today's word: Endurance

Mind- " Endurance is not just the ability to bear a hard thing, but to turn it into glory"-- Remember no matter what you are experiencing physically , spiritually or mentally --- There will be some form of VICTORY when it is over if you will simply stay the course and not give up! Your Pain is not in Vain.

Run your life race at your own Pace! You are exactly where u are supposed to be on this day and time.

Body - Test your endurance limits today! Set some Intervals; Don't just set out aimlessly on your walk, run, jog today. Set some guidelines , Check out from Couch to 5k , do a few intervals walk for 5min , increase over time and most importantly today do a few warm ups to get your heart rate on the same page as your goal and work your way up! 13 miles in over here from regular cardio not including my daily steps with walks to work and additional exercises. LET'S GO!!!

Love Ya!

R. Rene'





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