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Whole38- Day 11

Day 11

Mind- Word of Day "Discipline"

Body- Practice self-control in your cravings and portions, Plan ahead by meal prepping, Push yourself to the limit and do 3 miles today because many of us ;) took a weekend break and we are more disciplined during the week. Remember 1 mile/day x 38 days = 38for38 #gotime

Let's be clear ....some of us are just not as disciplined as others. If I am honest there are many areas of life where I wish I were more disciplined. One of those areas being my weekend eating habits. In a city where " Brunch is life" , " Happy Hour is life" and more I tend indulge in my fair share of chicken and cognac between Friday-Sunday. ( Please don't judge me ). As I began to think about this journey of mind, body and soul I realized that the key ingredient to our success over the next 27 days and ultimately our lives overall is going to be Discipline. Discipline has been defined many ways but the one I resonate with the most in my adult life is the ability to " train oneself to do something in a controlled and habitual way" .

As a result of the WHOLE38 challenge I want people to begin to train themselves to create new positive habits and thoughts that will lead to a more intentional and fulfilling lifestyle. I want us all to become just a little more disciplined in our daily decisions and lastly more discipline with our diets. I understand that in order to get to our next levels whatever that may be for you it will take some discipline! Are you ready to make some short term sacrifices for a long term benefit?

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