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Whole38 -Day 5

Day 5- WHOLE38

Word of Day - Humility ( WORD+ ACTION)

Mind- Is there anyone in your life that you can't even recall the last time you spoke to them or the reason you stopped talking in the first place? Long lost friends? Maybe life or work got in the way? or maybe you have found yourself silently offended or vice versa. Reach out today! A call , A text and/or email!

Body - 1 mile walk/run/jog ( See the trend) 38for38 is a daily function but today I want to encourage you to add water; drink at minimum 38 ounces of water today!!! If you really about this life DOUBLE THAT! Spend today's workout focusing on the benefits of living a life driven by humility, peace and freedom and good skin all coupled up in one. :)

I spoke a small bit regarding offense yesterday but as I not to the level of action with others. Wholeness is defined as "the state of forming a complete and harmonious whole; unity"

and "the state of being unbroken or undamaged" , good physical or mental health , "our shared journey toward wholeness and healing". and in an effort to remain committed to our shared journey toward wholeness we have to dig deeper. As we evolve our circles will change , our interests will differ and as a result we will loose some people and those are not the ones I want you to contact. I want you to contact the folks that you may be holding with a long handle spoon due to silent offense or unknown reasons that were once close to you! Folks that you love and care about that you only seem to chat with via social media now but you once spoke on a regular basis. You know the ones where the love is still present , you'll show up if they need you but the dynamics changed for one reason or another and nobody knows why. Making the first move does not mean that you are weak or admitting any blame or guilt for the withering relationship it just means your interested in cleaning the slate and moving on. I personally have 3-4 emails or calls to make right off the back believe it or not. Not because of anything negative but simply because life happened. Are you IN?

CHALLLLANNNNGEE, Please don't SKIP this exercise! I wanna hear success stories

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