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Whole38- Day 3

Day -3

Mind - What in your life has been mentally holding you hostage lately? Are you consumed with financial burden, work stress, illness? Reaching a goal or passing a test? Today's challenge is very simple TAKE A LOAD off! Some burdens are not for us and the sooner we realize it the lighter our personal loads will be. If there is something that you need to get off your chest do it! Many times we tend to place more pressure on ourselves than the things , people or places around us. It is extremely necessary to free yourself internally from those self-inflicted thoughts and concerns that may impacting your life! How??? Let it out , cry, scream , take it back to the store, whatever it is but u only have 5 min to do so! Have what me and my friends like to call a 5 min pity party and after that let it go! You owe it to yourself!

Take 10 minutes at some point throughout today and remember the inner peace from yesterday and embrace the Freedom that today has to offer you!

Word of Day - Freedom

Body - Free yourself! If it is Rest you desire , REST, take a nap adults deserve those moments too. In the spirit of Peace and Freedom. I challenge you to listen to your mind and body and simply do what it tells you to do. Exercise your freedom today. DO WHATEVER you want and save that 1 mile towards 38for38 for tomorrow.

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