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Whole38-Day 4

Fresh Start

Mind- Remember all things can be made new, including you! Each Monday we should feel blessed. Blessed that 1. we made it to another Monday alive and in our rightful mind but also because it is a key reminder that it is a " NEW " week . What " new" part of you will you incorporate into the way you do life, business or family this week? Think about it! Be more positive, read with my children , affirm my spouse , Change it up this week!

Word of Day - Sacrifice

Body - 1 mile walk/run/jog - Do it on lunch if you have to! Take your kids on a stroll around the neighborhood and remember the benefits of this small sacrifice long term. It will add to the newness of your day! What can you sacrifice this week that will help your body? Food, coffee, candy? Choose one

We don't always have good days and neither do the people around us. Forget the things from yesterday or the past in general that did not make you feel good. Choose to mentally Feel GOOD today no matter how many people or things try to interfere with your zen. We have to start each day with a new perspective, I have found that when I treat each day as it's own my days go better and I personally feel more accomplished in all my dealings!

Today's challenge is to Sacrifice your complaints this week both mental and verbally along with that 1 thing that can add to the well-being of your mind, body and soul!

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