• R. Rene'

Hello December~

Greetings luvs!

I hope this message finds each of you in good cheer this afternoon. I'm sitting on the Amtrak headed back to DC and felt like I needed to jump on and send a few words to all of my subscribers, lovers, family and friends. Life has simply had its way the past few months. I looked up today and realized it's December. December 2017 ...Seriously? Where did the time go! A part of me is sad to see it go because I still have things to do , while another part of me is like come wit it 2018 I'm ready.. Be it one or the other the thing that remains the same is the fact that TIME waits for no one and I won't get it back nor can I rush the arrival of what's next. I simply want to take this moment to encourage anyone who is having a run in with TIME. Understand the true essence of its ability and being , use it wisely and take notes because there is one thing for sure TIME does not delay nor wait , TIME shows up rather you are ready or not and not 1 day is the same so each second, each minute and each day has it's own story to create and so do you!

I challenge you to take advantage of the gift time will offer you the next 24 days of December. Use it to your advantage to finish what you started before you begin planning for a new year to come . Take a moment and be present so that the experiences will be both memorable and meaningful!! Make it count on purpose, there is still TIME. ( You will catch that later, lol)

Love y'all!!

R. Rene'



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