• R. Rene '

It's more than MAGIC!

Do you believe in Magic? Black girl magic that is! On Sunday, August 6th when the clock struck noon a group of 13 women from various education and marital backgrounds joined together to celebrate the love for 1 amazing girlfriend on her upcoming nuptials. While many of these women have interesting life stories, daily stressors and demands from work and family life in this one moment it was almost as if time stopped and everyone had a free to chance to relax ,breathe and smell the roses and the good Italian food of the day! Even running late from the airport and many other delays to my arrival not once did I feel an ounce of anxiety and if I did, I never gave myself time to fully subscribe to it because the space and many friendly receiving faces were enough to remind me what this time was set aside for. It was a time to celebrate, a time to connect and a time to show love.

As I looked around the room I saw strength, courage, imperfection, wisdom, and authenticity. It was what one could refer to as magic overload and I loved every single moment. See for me being surrounded by inspiring, focused yet set apart women of color is a norm while for others it is not. In that moment I realized that there are many young black professional women who have let society tell them that “ Black women” cannot be friends that the sister girl next to you in the boardroom , the church or the office is your competitor. I have heard the many stories “I don’t hang with a lot of women” or “she think she this or that” and let’s not forget the “too many women in 1 room, I can’t do that” … I mean there are still many women who pride themselves on having 0 female friends and their lack of desire to ever do so. While I am in no way, shape or form dissing their preference I would like to share some benefits and blessings that come with associating yourself with other like-minded women of color. See if I told you that in the picture above there are real-life friendships that were established some 20, some 16 -18 years ago what would you say? If I told you that for some this was the 1st time they had ever met, can you tell?? If I told you that we may not agree on everything about life, have our own minds and all very different yet we still love, LIKE and respect each other wholeheartedly? That we ban together in the time of need and celebration would you believe me? See this is the MAGIC that I am referring to! The kind of magic that allows women to embrace each other without judgment, the kind of magic that allows individuals to be who they freely are even in a setting where nobody really knows the stories behind your name, the kind of magic that gives you the family reunion happiness and wedding bliss as if it were your own that’s the kind of magic that filled the room and the same type of magic that at some point has been offered to you or someone you know and you all denied it.

See I don’t need many friends is what you say , you find all the reasons in the world to refrain from connecting with even 1 good girlfriend or sister friend because you are afraid that you won’t be able to be yourself. That the same judgmental, competitive spirit you possess when it comes to other women around you that you don’t know is somehow how they think of you too. Well newsflash baby, it isn’t always about you and if you joined forces with the right ones you would have yourself a story of MAGIC too! I have been blessed my entire life to have circles of sister friends and family that have blessed me tremendously! Some for many moons while others are fairly new but I love them all the same! See my prayer was simple … Allow me to be unapologetic and intentionally me and because of that I knew in my heart I would attract the tribe that was right for me! From the recent girl’s trip movie, to my personal weekend of black girl magic from state to state it’s time to take our power to the next level!!! We are movements by ourselves but we are a FORCE when we are together!! Set the stage for the generations to come, show your children and friends the power of sisterhood by embracing the positive purpose that the magic you possess within offers! Join me in showing the world around us that women can be real friends, which we do work well together that we are not what you see on reality TV. We are leaders, moms, wives, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, moguls, sisters, aunts and friends……We are MAGIC!!

Love ya,

R. Rene’



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