• R. Rene'

Hello August~

Have you ever made a decision to make a big move or purchase and as the time nears you find yourself paralyzed a bit by fear? Second guessing your decision and now looking at the drawing board like should I? Can I? I recall this same feeling when I made the decision to move to DC , again when I made a new car purchase oh and another time when I enrolled in a graduate program I can recall the very instance the feeling of anxiety and fear hit my belly. It’s crazy how fear can come in like a thief and attempt to steal the very thing that your heart and mind had so readily prepared for. It’s like having a taste for your favorite food and the minute you get to the restaurant something happens and the smell just doesn’t resonate the same though you longed for the taste of this cuisine all day…. Have you ever wondered what happened? Where does this sudden infusion of confusion come from? It’s the subconscious allusion of fear that stirs up within you without notice and if WE (you and me) are thinking of this from a lens of transparency I am sure you too can agree that this has happened to you on far more occasions than you would like to admiit.

As I recapped the moments above I now realize that those were just small instances of times when I pushed myself to do something even when I was scared and there are even more times than that too! I call it mastering fear! I know you have all heard the saying “ Fear and Faith can’t reside in the same place” I may have even mentioned it in a previous blog or two but I guarantee you I did not mention it without assuring you that the strength of FAITH is what pushes you to propel past FEAR in all situations. The “I’m going to do it anyway” attitude is the FAITH that lives deep down on the inside. Faith is FIGHTING to get FEAR out the way so that you can move past it for just enough time to get what you came for. Many times I would tell myself “I never want to feel this way again” and again the feeling would present itself once more. But this time it’s different …. How you say? I’m glad you asked it’s different because now I have receipts of how faith helped me overcome my fear in the past – refer to the moments mentioned above… These receipts are reminders that though I was ever scared I did it anyway and LOOK AT ME NOW. See I realized that even if I did things scared that the true testament was that “ I DID IT ANYWAY”, I realized that fear won’t pay the bill, fear can’t win the race but faith has the strength and power to push me further than anything that presents itself . Feelings of fear are intermittent and don’t last long, Faith suffers long because it’s capacity to push is much bigger and sticks around longer than those little annoying moments that try to get you off your game!

I am saying all this to you today to remind you to check your FAITH receipts , this week/month and to simply encourage each and every one of you to keep pursuing and pushing through every life test scared or not!!!! There are 4 months left in 2017 it is not too late to start and complete what you started in January!! SO what it cost too much, so what time does not seem to be on your side, As long as you have eyes to see, hands to write, type and move, a sound mind to think and speak you have TIME and what it takes to get it done!! I was reminded for me what faith can do , I found myself feeling anxious due to getting something I asked and prepared for and I was immediately reminded that I got here scared and scared or not I will win and finish this fearfully in FAITH and so can you!!

Go be great pals, you owe it to yourself!!

Ques *** Bone Crusher-“I AIN’T NEVER SCARED” …….LOL!

Love ya,

R. Rene’

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